Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saga of the Polar Express 2012

Saga of the Polar Express...2012.  Where do I begin?!?  I'll consolidate. Daddy paid over $1,000 for all of our family to come ride with us on the Polar Express train together for a special Christmas get together.  Before the train ride, we had Christmas at our house with Aunt Rebekah, Uncle Brian, Sam, Luke, Alice, Grammte, Paw Paw, Granny Meg, and Sarah.  Mommy kept telling Daddy over and over (as the kids all were playing outside) that we needed to make sure to get to the train station early. Daddy even got a little frustrated with Mommy for bugging him; insisting that there was "plenty of time."  SO, we left later than ideal time...and had a caravan of cars behind us.  After driving for about 30 minutes...Daddy said, "Oh ----." (I'll leave out the curse word because our children may read this someday!) Long story, but MONTHS ago...we went to an animal park in RUSK. Daddy drove to RUSK instead of PALESTINE for the Polar Express. We pulled over...a whole caravan of cars...when Michael got the most freaked out I've ever seen in all our married years.  Here he was, in charge of this...the NAVIGATION EXPERT...and he drove the wrong way! Noah wasn't in the vehicle with us because he was driving with Paw Paw. Michael SPED....up to 85 miles an hour, trying to get us to Palestine on time. A LOT of curse words were muttered! I wasn't as freaked out.  I didn't think it was worth killing us in a car wreck just to get on the Polar Express! Poor Rebekah and Paw Paw were trying to keep up, scared for their lives, too! Michael didn't want to disappoint everyone, particularly Noah...because Noah had been talking about the Polar Express ride for MONTHS! Rebekah, Michael, & I literally got on our phones, talked with the people at the Polar Express about us being there CLOSE to train take-off time. When we got to the station, I (dressed in my pj's and jingle bell slippers) got kicked out of the vehicle to sprint to the train station, where the Polar Express was waiting for us.  The train conductor said they were about to take off....and I looked....and Noah was nowhere! Paw Paw hadn't made it yet and the train was about to take off! Then, in a moment that was epic as Chariots of Fire...(I can hear the music in my head) I saw Uncle Brian sprinting across the parking lot....CARRYING NOAH in his arms, trying to get Noah on the train! THEY MADE IT! Everyone cheered! I even had tears in my eyes! We boarded the train and had a most magical time! I think because we almost missed the train...and because we all had to pull together as a family to make the ride...we appreciated our time together THAT MUCH MORE!
And THAT is the short version of the saga of the Polar Express!!

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