Friday, May 31, 2013

Noah's last day of preschool!

Noah Michael McBride (5)
Last Day of Preschool
May 31, 2013

Noah's Last Day of Preschool-

My Darling Noah,
Today as I dropped you off for your last day of preschool, I was overwhelmed with emotions! I am so very proud of the person that you are becoming.  You have a kindness and sensitivity to others that makes my heart so happy.  You love everyone. And do you know what, my darling? Everyone loves YOU! Your enthusiasm and zest for life, that contagious smile, that beautiful red attract people and attention to yourself so naturally...without trying.  You are like a magnet---people are drawn to you.  And you LOVE My how you love! You are accepting of all people and have such a compassionate heart for others; particularly others that are hurting.  You are happiness personified. I'm so honored and humbled to be your Mommy; to watch you grow as a person is such a blessing for me.  Enjoy each day! Enjoy the journey! Sure, you will stumble and fall. Sure, you'll make mistakes. We all do.  But it is all part of God's master plan to develop you into the person He knows you are going to be-----someone who already is....and is destined to be....
I love you my darling!
Kindergarten here you come!
Love & blessings,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Field Day

Noah and his classmates had so much fun at their field day! They made the shirts they wore, and had games and a picnic outside. It was so much fun watching Noah and his pals.  He's a good buddy and just a great kid!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sensory Time-In Space

There is lots of research about how sensory integration can positively assist kids with helping to self-regulate.  So, I impulsively got some chalk board paint, painted the walls, and made the room sensory rich. Daddy even got some LED lights to install for extra sensory fun.  The boys can go in their sensory room, have time IN instead of time out, get sensory ;needs met, and learn how to regulate themselves.  Kids that can self-regulate don't need EXTERNAL regulation like psychotropic medications, drugs, etc.  Good stuff! The local Montessori school asked me to come speak to their teachers about how to appropriately apply sensory integration to help kids to self-regulate.  Cool stuff!'s just good FUN!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

More Discovery Science Place

We made another trip to Discovery Science Place today to see the dinosaur exhibit. I must say...I was impressed! The dinosaurs moved & made realistic growls! Jax held onto Daddy pretty tightly but Noah was all up in the T-Rex's face (well, as close as he could get without getting in trouble with the museum police!)

Swim fun


Daddy braved the brrrrrrr water with the boys for swim fun today! The water was unusually cold, but it didn't bother Noah or Jax! Poor Daddy was freezing though!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Train museum

Obsessed is how I'd describe my boys' feelings about trains. We play trains in the morning before school, & any possible time thereafter. We drive around just to find train tracks & train depots. We travel to train shows, watch train shows, have train whistles, & train birthday parties. So, we are regulars at the Tyler train museum. I took the boys earlier this week after school & they hit special treatment...even got to start the electric trains...which us a big deal in case you didn't know! I'm sure we'll be back again soon!

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Saturday swim

My awesome Michael...froze his man parts off to swim with the boys in the brrrr water today. He's a good Daddy! He bought Angry Birds beach balls & floaties for the boys. Jax was not a fan of the floatie as the picture depicts! My prior prediction forecasting having Problems with getting Jax in a floatie have come to fruition.

Before pic...Jax not happy with his floatie!

And after...happy as a lark sans floatie!

Mr. Photogenic

After the boys came in, they bundled up in blankets...& Daddy enjoyed a "special" (strongly-proofed) coke! (He earned it!)

Jax tried to drink some of Michael's special coke & Daddy told him no. Jax asked, "Why Daddy?" Daddy replied, "'ll make you sick." Ha ha. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone