Monday, September 29, 2014

Paw Paw

Paw Paw has been beyond supportive of Noah's baseball. He attends every game, helps him practice, & helps with Jackson while I'm unable to chase him. What a blessing to our family.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Getting ready for baby girl

We have been working hard getting the nursery ready for our baby girl. I made over a dark dresser to something so fabulous for Annemarie. Little girls are already so much fun!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Noah, Daddy, & Jackson

Noah up to bat!

Paw Paw gives Noah a high five after a big hit!

Sarah, Paw Paw, Noah, Daddy, & Jackson (with a ringpop in his mouth)

Noah has had quite the transition from t-ball to coach pitch baseball! Mommy does not like how competitive some of the coaches are, and it has been an adjustment and transition for Mommy, as well! Michael and Paw Paw have been to every game and have taken extra time helping Noah with his batting and fielding.  And Sarah has helped me a ton by watching Jackson at the games so that I can watch Noah play.  It takes a village, and I've got a great one!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Judge Clark's baby shower

Judge Clark & my friends at the 321st gave me the most amazing baby shower in celebration of Annemarie's upcoming arrival. I can honestly say that Judge Clark is one of those remarkable women who has forever changed my life for the better. I was so humbled to open her gift. She hand-knitted Annemarie a coat, 2 hats, & cute baby booties! What a special day!

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Courthouse Baby Shower

Check out the frills on this diaper cake!

Jenny got me the cutest cupcake dress! 

Judge Clark & I

Judge Clark insisted on throwing a baby shower at the courthouse to shower gifts for Annemarie.  I can't say how much this lady has changed my life...for the better. I just love her. She's absolutely brilliant, and yet she's so down to earth, and she genuinely cares about those she serves.  I simply adore her.  I couldn't believe that she hand-knitted Annemarie a jacket, booties, hat, and a blanket!! It was so touching and heart warming.  I am abundantly blessed.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Baby Shower

Just a few pictures from the sweet baby shower given by friends. The cake was AMAZING!!!

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Baby Shower photo booth

Not one to shy away from a photo friends set up a fun photo booth area at the baby shower.  It's always funny to watch people let loose.  And I even allowed myself to be photographed in fully belly glory! Just a few more weeks until Annemarie makes her debut!
My dear friend, Jenny

Shelby & I

Meg & Sarah

Can you believe these are therapists? Lol.

My dear friend Vicki. She's been a rock in my life, and I am blessed to have her as my friend!

Ashley & I
Rebekah and Grammie didn't do the photo booth, but they're plenty cute anyway! It was so kind of them both to make such a long trip!

Baby Shower at Vicki's house

My sweet friend, Vicki offered her home for a baby shower to celebrate Annemarie's arrival.  I'm not normally a baby shower person, but Vicki, Christy, and Ashley did a ton of work to make it so beautiful.  They even crafted!! A LOT! Even Grammie complimented the decorations, and Grammie is hard to impress in the decorations department because she's so skilled.  It was very humbling to have such special women honor my day. And oh, the cake---Susie got me an awesome cake from Village Bakery...because cake is my thing.  It was AMAZING!! I must say...all this cute frilly girly stuff gets me excited to welcome my baby girl even more. She's going to be fabulous.