Thursday, July 29, 2010

Noah's 1st poo in underwear incident

I debated on whether or not to write about poo poo, but the story is so funny...I couldn't resist. Noah doesn't like being dirty. If his hands are dirty, he'll say, "Clean it." I thought that would be the one thing I had going for me in regard to potty training and the poopy diaper scenario. I set a timer for every 20-30 minutes today and would prompt (and beg and bribe) Noah to go potty when the timer went off. At first he resisted, but it did improve off and on. After one of these many trips to the potty, I decided to set the timer and grab a quick shower. Noah was watching Sesame Street, and I figured it would be safe. Of course it was the 4 minutes I was in the shower that he pooped in his pants. Fine. I thought it would bother him. Unfortunately, Cookie Monster was singing a great song, and Noah was way to interested in it to care...even when I prompted him to change the dirty underwear, he said, "No, okay," and would run away. I gave it about 5-10 minutes, and he eventually walked with me to the bathroom. Progress, I thought. When I took his underwear off, neither one of us noticed that a big ball of poo fell on the floor. What happened next was like it came straight out of a sitcom. Noah lifted his foot up, then proceeded to put his foot down right in the poo. Yuck. The poo was all in-between his toes. It felt yucky, so he then proceeded to put his foot down on my leg. I jumped, so he then put a poo poo footprint on the white cabinet door! Serious mess! I just had to laugh, so we just said, "Yucky," and cleaned it up. Thank goodness for the Shark Steam Mop is all I can say! I'm already anxious about how it's going to go tomorrow, but I WILL look very carefully when I take the underwear off!!!

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