Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 surprising high points

Today was an extremely rough day, filled with suicidal clients, cancer patients, paperwork deadlines, and assessments of new clients struggling with recovery. I literally turned off my radio when driving and forced myself to engage in deep breathing. By the way, that DOES help! Three high points of the day---in addition to  my already three high points---Michael, Noah, & Jackson:
  1. I received an amazing text message from my friend, Courtney that read, "Just want to say thank you for being you! You are truly an angel.  You are such an inspiration to me.  Just letting you know!"  My dear friend Courtney has 19 months clean and is MY hero. She later called because her life is getting better and better, and she just wanted me to know that my belief in her has helped her stay sober one day at a time.  Talk about rewarding work that I do! YES! I say yes to that, even though this isn't a saying yes post!
  2. And on that note, "Saying Yes," guess how COOL it was to see that the ORIGINAL Say Yes blogger, none other than the fabulous Maria commented on MY saying yes post with her words, "LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! How exciting...your sweet boys birthday, a new camera, a housekeeper, and grace to see you through te week! Have a blessed week!"  I discovered Maria's blog through Pinterest, and have been inspired by her words each week. And, I must say...I'm not easily impressed, so when I heard from her it made my day! Sounds small, but I love women encouraging women! I say YES to that, too!!! Here's to supporting all the wonder-moms out there and not being catty!
  3. Despite my 12-hour workday, and a night ahead of paperwork to prepare for court Thursday...I worked on my BALANCE goal---I scheduled myself a kickboxing class during the busy day, despite the chaos.  It meant that I ate oatmeal, fruit, walnuts, and a skinny latte from Starbucks for dinner, but...I'll take it! Here's to PROGRESS, not perfection...as I forgot to add that to my saying yes post this week!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Saying Yes

Today was a beautiful 68 degrees in East Texas, and the boys and I took a long walk through Rose Rudmond Park.  The boys were just perfect, and I tried to just soak in all the loving goodness that truly is the gift of time with these precious boys.  This week I'm saying YES to...
  • Celebrating 4 years since my amazing Noah Michael came to our family. This child is JOY personified.  He is my sunshine.
  • Because we do birthdays big at Camp McBride, this week will be little little rest for Mama as I'll be party preparing---turning our quarters into a party fit for a Super Hero...Super Noah, that is.
  • I say yes to cutting, pasting, re-arranging, and then cleaning all that slop up before our company arrives...hopefully.
  • Yes to cake, 4 candles, photo booth prop-making,  baloon hanging, hot glue-gunning, and super-cape wearing!
  • Yes to promising to ENJOY the party, not just planning the party!
  • I say yes to singing Happy Birthday, Dear Noah...followed by "God's blessings to you," a family tradition started by my dear mother.
  • Yes to Beautiful weather...I seriously have some roses blooming in February---not a lot, but still that amazes me!
  • I say yes to prayer, as some of my dear ones are really hurting right now.
  • Yes to a TRIAL of starting Noah in 5 days a week of preschool. His 1st day was today and Miss Denise texted me that he was having a great day. Love her.
  • Yes to 1:1 time with each of my boys.
  • I say yes to having an amazing husband who endures me during crazy weeks like this!
  • I say yes to SERIOUSLY...THIS WEEK FOR SURE...having my housekeeper return! SHE PROMISED THIS WEEK! I'm really hoping to say yes to this one!
  • Yes to being present in the moment.
  • Yes to balance, as difficult as this is for me.
  • Yes to squeezing a little bit of me time, however brief it may be. Working out is about the only me time I see happening, but it's perfect me time.
  • I say yes to gratitude, because I seriously have a great life. Thank you, God.
  • Yes to having my family & friends here to celebrate Noah's 4th birthday.
  • Yes to blessings.
  • Yes to reflection.
  • Yes to capturing fun moments with my new Canon...and YES to having my dear friend, Rose Bailey, on hand to capture moments so I can relax and stay present IN the moment!
  • Yes to my sweet boys.
  • Yes to Happy 4th Birthday Noah Michael!
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jackson Love

Love, Love, LOVE me some Baby Jackson! Sweet! Sweet! SWEET boy! (14 Months)

Noah's Super 4th Slide Surprise

Michael spent hours and hours at night putting together a new slide for Noah's play set.  We surprised him with it today.  He loved his new super slide! It was this time last year that Michael spent many cold, rainy nights out in the dark...putting this thing together for Noah's 3rd birthday! Now it's almost his 4th birthday, and he's adding on!
Love is a VERB! What a good Daddy!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Funny faces

Noah & I discovered the Photo Booth app on my iPad. Talk about a good time! We laughed outloud as we watched this app distort our faces in crazy ways:)

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Noah's Super Sign

I had Shutterfly make me some enlargements of some of the pictures I took of Super Noah. Noah cracks me up. When I showed him the big pictures, he said, "Wow, Mama. You did a good job on my super sign." Hilarious. He actually does appreciate all I do to make things special for him.

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Another photo shoot from hell

Dear God,
Is there a reason why are photo shoots are almost always from hell? I know I'm not perfect, God, but I'm generally a decent person.  Yes, during our (2nd) Valentine photo shoot from hell...as I was literally picking the dirt out of Jackson's mouth after he fell out of the chair flat on his face...I did mutter under my breath, "Jesus." But what I meant was, "Jesus, please help us."  And, yes, Lord, after Noah hit me (3 times) when I told him I would not be getting him pizza due too his misbehavior, I did say, "Oh Lord."  But what I meant was, "Oh, Lord. I need your help to get through this without checking myself into the local mental hospital."  Despite my planning and reading blogs about "how to prepare for your children's photo shoot," I'm pretty certain that divine intervention is about the only way that no one will be injured, crying, throwing temper tantrums, or severely traumatized.  Please send a miracle, blessing, or whatever you have on hand for our next photo shoot, because I've done all I can do and now I'm surrendering it all to you! This really blew, God. Help please. Seriously. But thank you for all my other wonderful blessings. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful.
In Jesus' name I sincerely plead,
Brenda McBride

Noah Valentine Preview Pics

 Rose Bailey posted these on her facebook site today; a preview of last weekend's Valentine's pictures. I still can't believe we didn't have the memory card for the 1st batch. We are trying take 2 this morning. Of course, it's 35 degrees outside so we might end up doing pictures inside, which are rarely as cute. Here's hoping for the best!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Noah's perfect hair

After a long, 12-hour day of suicidal patients, cancer patients, recovering drug addicts, CPS clients, & having a coworker let go...I came home to the sweetest, open arms of my darling Noah. He gave me the biggest hug and said, "Mommy, you came back to me. I'm so happy." I replied, "Mommy will always come home to you, baby. I'm happy, too." As we cuddled in his bed I ran my fingers through his perfect copper curls. McDreamy has NOTHING on this kid's hair! Michael snapped a quick pic with his phone. Perfection. And suddenly...all is right with the world. Blessed!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Saying Yes!

As the Black Eyed Peas song goes, "It's a New Day!"
(Thank God for that!) I woke up determined to be out of my funk and CHOOSE JOY TODAY. And I did. Just like that. So on that happy note, I'm starting the week off right...by Saying YES!
I say YES to...
  • BEAUTIFUL Texas weather!
  • The sweet sounds Jackson makes when he drinks his milk.
  • Noah's enthusiasm and the way he wakes up with a joyful heart EVERY day.  He really does.
  • I say YES to walks around the lake with my boys.
  • YES  to working off my Sunday maladaptive coping carb fest:/
  • YES to MORE pictures with Rose Bailey this Friday---Bring it!
  • YES to serving as the Komen National Sponsor Liason for the upcoming Race For the Cure.
  • YES to self-care, as I got behind there.
  • I say YES to letting go of scorekeeping.
  • YES to working on organizational skills; finishing one project (or room, or drawer, or report, whatever "it" may be) before jumping to another.
  • YES to encouraging my friends in their efforts to get fit.
  • YES to Love is a Verb!
  • YES to having serious gratitude for my health.
  • YES to using that gratitude to motivate me to make healthy choices.
  • I say YES to BALANCE.
  • YES to taking deep breaths to calm myself if/when I begin to get overwhelmed.
  • YES to prayer. Please, God, lift up Elizabeth during this time of crisis. Guide her, strengthen her. Comfort her. Help her to know that I am here and always will be.
  • YES to listening and using my words constructively.
  • YES to dancing with my boys.
  • I say YES to laughter.
  • YES to ordering Noah's Super 4th Birthday Cake.
  • YES to saying no when necessary without guilt.
  • YES to my housekeeper returning----she stood me up last week!
  • YES to the promise of spring!
  • YES to appreciating Michael for being a wonderful husband and father.
  • I say YES to Noah. Yes to Jackson. Yes to playing more and cleaning less.
  • YES to catching up on some things I've been procrastinating doing.
  • YES to rest.
  • YES to being totally comfortable with who I am.
  • YES to confidence, energy, and authenticity.
  • YES to Progress, not perfection,
  • YES to Life Is Dessert!
  • YES! YES! YES!

Zoo Adventures

I know this will be boring to anyone but me...and my boys one day, but I shall write anyway, because it's adventures like this that I'll forget! I told Noah that I'd take him to the zoo after he rested today. Well, the 1st time ever...Jackson was actually ASLEEP (he's not a big napper like Noah was) when it was time to go. We woke him up so that we could get to the zoo before they closed. We literally got to the zoo at 3:15 and they close at 4:00 pm. It was a beautiful afternoon and I think I counted MAYBE 10 other people total at the zoo.  Noah pet the goats for the first time. He's always shyed away before today. So that was a first. But the part I want to remember is that we almost got locked in the zoo! I told Noah the zoo was closing, as it was 4:00, but he wanted to see the penguins.  So, we walked to the penguin house, then out, then to the alligator. I figured, "It's no big deal. We'll just leave through the alligator exit." Oops. They locked the alligator exit before 4:00 actually. I looked around and noticed that we were the only people to be seen. I told Noah that we'd have to run back to the front of the entrance so that we wouldn't get locked in the zoo! We started running...me pushing a stroller and Noah right beside me. He got a bit freaked out and started saying, "Oh no! Mommy, I don't want to be locked in the zoo!" Poor guy. I told him that I'd take care of him and that we'd be fine (as I'm praying that we didn't literally get locked in the zoo.) At this point, I saw one guy with his daughter so I worried less. (He was headed to the alligator exit despite my warning it was locked.) Anyway, Noah hopped on the front of Jackson's stroller (facing Jackson) and held on tight and shouted, "Go Mommy, Go! Run fast!" Cracked me up. I was literally laughing outloud, running through the zoo, hoping to make it out in time. Sure enough...we made it. Noah was so relieved, and I got a good workout! Hands down...the MOST fun I've ever had at the zoo. After we left the zoo, I took Noah to McDonalds (which he pronounes, "Mc-Mc Donalds") for a smoothie and fries (his pick, obviously). He was SO happy! You would've thought he won the lottery. With the enthusiasm that stemmed from his toes, he exclaimed, "Mommy, this is amazing! You are the BEST!" These are the moments to remember. It's a new day!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Difficult Moments

We had a difficult weekend at our home, and I found myself feeling guilty for just wanting a little peace. It's been a rough week with too-little sleep and with too-much stress. Not to focus on the negatives, but I found myself repeating the prayer above, quite often.  On a positive note...I know I have a great life. On the downside, there are days (usually when we are sleep-deprived and extremely lacking in self-care) when the everyday trenches of motherhood are frustrating and exhausting.  That doesn't mean I don't love my boys. I love them with my whole heart.  It does mean that it takes a village to raise kids, and sometimes I wish I had a bigger village! But, through it all...I managed to find some great moments...like rocking Jackson, and running my fingers through Noah's hair.  I'm doing better on the balance thing...a work in progress there, too! But, instead of just eating junk food all weekend, which I've done before when super-stressed...I ate junk food today, and still worked out Friday & Saturday, so that's progress, right? 

Getting Super Ready for Noah's 4th Super Party

I decided to recycle the pumpkin patch sign I made for Jackson's 1st birthday to make a Super Noah sign for Noah's upcoming 4th birthday party.  Noah helped & thought that was pretty cool! I also made a 4 sign using pictures of Noah dressed up in his super cape! Pretty cute & cheap! Gotta love that! Go Super Mommy!

Valentine Pictures 2012 Take 1

 Valentine's Day Photo Shoot---Pre-Meltdowns & Chaos

Today we went to downtown Tyler to take Valentine's pictures with Rose Bailey.  There's a certain apprehension...very near anxiety, that occurs before photo shoots. There's a ton of preparation...from clothes fitting, snacks to pack, bribery food, spare clothes, wipes, props, etc. My husband will never fully appreciate all the energy that this truly consumes. Miracle of all miracles, we had it together today.  Noah, who is known for being uncooperative during photo shoots, was smiling, cooperative, and was doing a great job...until about 25 minutes into the shoot...we heard Rose say, "Oh no!" And she bolted to her minivan. This could not be good. And it wasn't the only time my kid was good for the camera was when she didn't have the memory card in the camera! SERIOUSLY! So, after Michael cursed a few words and we decided there was nothing to do but keep trying...we went on to Jackson.  Jackson had been up way to early this morning and was in complete meltdown mode. Rose even commented that she'd never seen him fussy. The high point was when I was doing take 2 of shots with Noah & Jackson got free from Michael's hand and then crashed head first on the cement. Now he had a big red goose egg on his head for pictures.  Which, let's be honest...at this point were a total waste of time. Jackson was crying. Noah was just done. Michael was cursing. Yeah, folks...really gets you in the LOVE spirit of Valentine's Day, right?  I managed to take a couple pics of Noah before all the chaos ensued.  This may be all we get. Rose offered to come back this week to try to get some more pictures, but we haven't set anything up yet. I'm still exhausted from today! Can't say Mama didn't try, can we?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2011 Blog Book DONE!

2011 Blog to Printed Book DONE!

I have been spending the past several weeks...possibly months...attempting to catch up on my blog.  It's so ironic. I mean, when my friend Mary Beth first told me I needed to start a blog, I didn't even know what she was talking about! I remember telling her, "I don't have time for that!" THEN, I remember visiting her blog, and then Christine's blog, and I  became instantly fascinated! What intrigued me the most was when Mary Beth told me that I could have my blog put into a real book. Hmmmm. Interesting. Well, I did. And I loved it. I have a book from 2009, 2010, and NOW the 2011 blog book is complete! There's something that I've noticed about this little passtime of mine.  It's therapeutic to write. It helps me to stay in the present and try to have gratitude instead of complaining about everything. On a deeper note, it's a huge gift that I'm leaving for my family.  Long after I'm gone, my precious boys will be able to read my words, really know me...and know how much they are loved.  As I lost my mother to cancer when I was 23, I realize that this tangible book...filled with my words, my wishes, my unique perspective, and my perception of this life...will be an amazing gift to my children. It's a huge committment. It is a LOT of work.  But, in the end...I can honestly say...if today was my last day...I'd feel comforted knowing that my boys would have this treasure.
Be blessed, loves!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Funny Things My Kids Say

  • Noah got diarrhea this past week for the first time in his life. (How he made it to almost 4 years old without this event is a wonder!) He said, "Mommy, my bottom is sick."
  • I constantly talk to Noah about his choices; good choices, bad choices.  I came home from work this week, as he said, "Mommy, I made a bad choice on Jackson."  I asked, "What bad choice did you make on Jackson?" He replied, "I pushed him down." I think he gets the concept.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Saying Yes

It's a new week, and a new opportunity to say thank you for my blessings and set my intentions for a positive week! Time to SAY YES! I love the idea of saying yes. The turning point for me was when I lost my mother to cancer.  Following her death, I became acutely aware of the importance of living life to the fullest and making the most of each day.  That doesn't mean that I'm never sad, angry, frustrated, or disappointed.  Of course I am! What it does mean, is that I try very hard not to just sit and dwell in it.  I mean, what's really the point in that? I want to focus on what I CAN do, what I CAN control...how I CAN react. Staying in the moment and appreciating the little things can be difficult...especially for us working mothers that rarely have a break, and are often constantly bogged down in the care and nurturance of others.  Often times, we neglect our OWN self-care. And, what I know as a counselor...and as a gal just trying to do her best in this world...You can't give what you don't have! So, it's not selfish to take time for exercise, health, spirituality, a good laugh, playing bubbles with the kids.  Because when we nurture ourselves, we are more fully open to nurturing others.  I.e., we have more to give.  Having said that, I require constant reminders to CHOOSE JOY TODAY, and to focus on the present moment.  One book that really helped me to do that is One Thousand Gifts.  Although I am a work in progress, the book is a good reference.  Even having the book in plain sight helps me to refocus.  In terms of my everyday life, I found a blog that inspires me! It's the reason I started the "Saying Yes" posts in the first place! I was looking through Pinterest when I found the picture of the most adorable family. And, the mother of the beautiful family, Momma of the BMC Report writes a fabulous blog that inspires me. I literally read her blog for hours one night, and realized that there's a "soul friend" named Maria out in the cold of Ohio.  She, too, is the mother of boys, and is a fellow Diet Coke lover, obsessed with pictures, party planner and joy-seeker! Her "Yes Yes Yes" posts deeply touched my heart and inspired me. So, thank you, Maria, for being you thereby propelling me to SAY YES! This week, I'm saying YES to...
  • Planning for Noah's Super 4th Birthday Party
  • Yes to my boys
  • Yes to Valentine's Pictures with Rose Bailey
  • Yes to balance
  • I say yes to trimming roses, and dreaming of spring
  • Yes to walks around the lake with my boys
  • Yes to water, yes to real food
  • I say yes to kickboxing, running, and putting my time in the gym
  • Yes to advocating for my clients; being their rock when they need it, and being their soft place ot fall when they need it
  • Yes to appreciating my husband
  • Yes to painting, cutting, and prop-hunting for Noah's 4th Superparty
  • Yes to prayer
  • Yes to gratitude
  • Yes to falling in the pool when I'm miracle-growing the plants (Oops---I already did that! YES to laughing the whole way through.  Noah said, "Mommy, you went splat!")
  • I say yes to dancing with my boys
  • Yes to direction, making progress toward my goals
  • I say yes to curly, copper locks, and Jackson's precious smile.
  • Yes to grace
  • Yes to good-night stories, Candyland, hide-n-seek, and playing trains
  • Yes to watching Jackson toddle and talk his sweet baby talk
  • Yes to organization...a work in progress
  • Yes to having my housekeeper return!
  • I say yes to trying to be the best possible version of myself, however flawed.
  • Yes to progress, not perfection
  • Yes to Love is a verb!
  • Yes to Life is Dessert! Make it sweet!
  • Yes! Yes! YES!
What are you saying YES to this week?!? 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Super Noah's 4th Birthday Invitation

Calling all super heroes!!
It's Noah's 4th Birthday Party Invitation!

Super Mommy does it again---gets the birthday invitation completed before the actual day of the party! Now...the real test will be---can she get it printed and mailed before the actual party date? BOOM! ZAP! POW!

Where did I get it?
Fun Super Hero Invitation compliments of The Patty Cake Press 
Custom cape & mask from Kid Kapers (They are even making Super Mommy a super cape!)
Printables by Anders Ruff (P.S. The "N" on Noah's shirt was printed on sticker paper! I just printed it and stuck it right onto his shirt! Super cool! That's about as scrap-booky as I get!)

Super Noah Birthday Pictures

Super Noah---almost 4

Today we went on a walk in the forrest to take pictures for Super Noah's 4th birthday party invitation.  Only one will be used for the invitation...but I think one of these will work.  We're clearly having a SUPER hero birthday party for Noah's 4th.  Just a few weeks away on his actual birthday, February 4th, 2012!  I ordered Noah & Jackson some custom super capes, and the printables are already in, so that's a start.  But I still have lots of work to do before our super bash!  Super Mommy better get busy!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Noah's funny words

  • Tonight, I took Noah to Mercados with me to pick up some Mexican food.  He loves to get some of the swirl ice cream while we wait for the food. But he doesn't pronounce it swirl.  He said, "Mommy, I'm going to get a squirrel ice cream." Funny!
  • Something else...although I've told him the name of Target 100 times, the word Target doesn't make sense to him...so any time we pass Target, he says, "Look, Mommy. There's Guitar-get." Oh, I love the things my Noah comes up with!
  • When Noah sings Silent Night...He ends with, "Sleep in Heavenly PLEASE...Sleep in Heavenly PLEASE."

Monday, January 9, 2012

Saying Yes

Saying YES~

The 1st week of January 2012 is officially over...and I must say...it was over in the blink of an eye! Time is like that, really, though, isn't it?  How was your first week of the New Year? Did you make any resolutions? If you did, were you able to keep them up that first week?  We were so very out-of-the-loop this past New Year's Eve due to Noah having the flu.  He is now RECOVERED (Praise God) and by the sheer GRACE of God...Jackson did not get the flu! Take your blessings where you can get them, right?  I must say, even with a house of flu and lack of sleep, I did very well with my workouts last week. I beat my kickboxing goal, and even did some light running on my off days.  Now, if I can JUST FIND A WAY TO GET THIS HOUSE CLEAN & ORGANIZED!!! I bought this FABULOUS book by one of THE MOST PROMINENT ORGANIZERS....LAST YEAR.  Yes, I said LAST YEAR! (Organizing from the Inside Out). Anyway, I bought the book just before Jackson was born, and picked it up just after his birth.  Of course it said something along the lines of, "If you've had major changes in your life (such as the birth of a baby...change in job...new job responsibilities...changing roles)...THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO TRY TO ORGANIZE!" Well, thanks for telling me that AFTER I bought the book! So I have this great book, and NO TIME TO READ IT! I've highlighted the big parts...just enough to know in the depths of my soul...that I definitely have ADHD traits, and this whole REALLY GETTING ORGANIZED THING IS GOING TO BE HARD!!! I know that, rather than just buy a bunch of bins...I need to do the emotional work...and the preparation and planning (not my strong point) to figure it all out.  And in the midst of family, work, lack of sleep, more work, a wrecked house...etc. etc...I struggle with how to get it all done! I know that I'm not the only mother that has difficulty balancing it all.  Sometimes, I feel like one of the few mothers who will actually be honest and say, "GUESS WHAT?!? I LOVE MY FAMILY...BUT IT IS HARD!"  But I am forging on!  And on that note, this week I'm saying YES to...
  • YES to working out at least 5 days this week!
  • I say YES to reading at least ONE chapter in the organizing book!
  • I say YES to making plans for my housekeeper to return (Thank you Christine!)
  • YES to giving myself the same amount of compassion I so freely give to others.
  • YES to catching up on my blog....Yes, that's been on the list a few weeks in a row now! I HAVE been catching up!
  • I say YES to trying to be more conscious and present in moments that I'd normally zip right through.
  • I say YES to organizing the pantry----YES! I got 85% of it done today...with 2 boys, in-between emailing Judge Clark and juggling.  It was a beast!
  • YES to being more patient...
  • YES to being a work-in-progress...
  • I say YES to working smarter, not harder...
  • YES to appreciating my husband. 
  • I say YES to prayer.  So many are hurting and I am so blessed.
  • I say YES to rocking Jackson, loving every inch of his sweet baby body.
  • YES to running my fingers through Noah's curly, copper locks.
  • YES to Grace...
  • YES to drinking more water! I heart Coke Zero. And add that addiction to being sleep-deprived=Drinking TOO MUCH Coke Zero!
  • YES to more real food, & less processed food.
  • I say YES to week 2 of Biggest Loser!
  • YES to inspiration!
  • I say YES to watching my tone of voice.  It matters.
  • Yes to getting some things fixed that I've been procrasting on...
  • YES to appreciating the beautiful rain...
  • YES to clothes that actually fit!
  • I say YES to getting outside of my comfort zone.
  • YES to accountability...
  • YES to self-care and caring for my boys...
  • YES to Life is DESSERT!
  • YES! YES! YES!
    Wouldn't it be great if we just quit stressing so much...quit comparing ourselves to everybody else...and just said YES to the JOY that life has to offer?!  I'm not saying we have to be happy ALL day, every day...but FIND HAPPINESS...LOOK FOR IT...EACH DAY! Say YES to JOY!  What are YOU saying yes to this week?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Saying YES!

Welcome 2012! The NEW YEAR is OFFICIALLY here! As my house is in that depressing post-holiday transition...I hope to soon get things in order. (When you have a 12 ft tall Christmas tree and a total of over 20 trees in your house...it takes a lot of work to un-do Christmas!) It's been an interesting start to the New Year, as Noah officially has the flu. He has had a fever of 102 or above since New Year's Eve.  Poor fella. So, I'm hoping that he will soon be well and the New Year fun can get into full gear.

This week I am saying yes to...
  • Working off the holiday pounds with 3-4 kickboxing classes.
  • YES to getting Noah better and sanitizing in hopes of keeping Jackson from getting sick.
  • YES to ordering super-fun items for Noah's upcoming SUPER 4th Birthday party. Can he really almost be four!?!
  • I'm saying YES to catching up on my General Hospital.  I'll do that while doing something else productive, but it's a 20-year long guillty pleasure!
  • YES to the season opener of BIGGEST LOSER! I HEART BOB & DOLVETT but miss Jillian SO MUCH!
  • I'm saying yes to hugs, kisses, and sweet boys.YES to appreciating my husband for being the bomb-diggity.
  • YES to a hell-week at work, approached with a can-do attitude:)
  • I'm saying yes to some quiet time...some time...to reflect and contemplate on some big decisions I've been contemplating...
  • YES to getting my blog updated so that I can have it printed for Noah's 4th birthday.
  • I'm saying yes to trying to take it all in stride, not sweating the small stuff, and enjoying the RIDE.
  • Yes to inspiration, renewal, and the best 2012 it can possibly be! YES! YES! YES!
What are YOU saying yes to this week?!?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Day of 2012...it's a doozy!

Noah says, "Let's play Fall!"

Jackson's 1st slide

Happy New Year!
It's the 1st day of 2012, and we welcomed in the new year with sickness! Noah is running a 102 fever and we think he might just have the flu. Fever and vomit are not a fun way to start the new year, but at least the weather was nice enough to get outside a bit today.  Jackson took his 1st slide down Noah's playground in the backyard, and instantly loved it! Noah played with him and also played "Fall" by raking up leaves (well, Daddy did) and rolled in the leaves.  Sweet boys. And me? I haven't even bathed yet, and might not even get there at this point...after spending most of the night up with the boys. Michael actually ended up sleeping (if you can call it that) in Noah's bed with him while I took care of Jackson. I hope the New Year brings more SLEEP!