Monday, February 28, 2011

Jackson's 3 month pictures

Jackson Joseph McBride---3 Months Old!

Brotherly Love-
Noah (3), Jackson (3 months)
Mommy Loves You!

Mommy, Jackson, & Noah taking a stroll around our lake.

Rose Bailey came out to take Jackson's 3 month pictures today. He was in the mood to be held, so that's why Mommy is in more pictures than usual! But I'm ALWAYS happy to hold this sweet little baby! Three months went by in a flash!

Noah & Mommy at Noah's 3rd Birthday

Rose Bailey sent me this preview picture of Noah & I sliding off his bounce house slide at his 3rd birthday party. What fun we had!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grammie Visits

Grammie came for a visit this weekend and we had a lot of fun in 24 hours! She brought toys for Noah, loved on the boys, made a special fried shrimp dinner for HER boy, and even cleaned out & organized my laundry room! My poor laundry room has never been functional...more like a dumping ground, but she fixed it! Thank you so much Grammie! We don't take you & all you do for us for granted! You are such a blessing to each one of us! One day the boys will be looking through their many books & see just HOW MUCH you have always loved them!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chef Noah

Chef Noah made pizzas at school today. What a cutie!

Sweet Jackson

My sweet Jackson---3 months now---
He's a happy boy. Sweet, sweet, sweet! He has had a runny nose & just giggles and smiles when I have to use the nasal aspirator to suck stuff out of his nose. He smiles when I say "Mama." He loves watching Noah run around. He giggles. His giggles are the best. He has the sweetest disposition. And I love him so very much! Michael weighed him yesterday---at 3 months---my baby weighs 18 pounds! We grow our boys BIG!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Noah's 3rd Birthday Cake

Rose is still working on Noah's 3rd Birthday party pictures---but here's a picture of his fabulous Thomas cake!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Jackson's 1st roll

Baby Jackson rolled over for the first time today! He was doing some tummy time & rolled from his tummy to his back! Michael was there and saw, too! I love witnessing all of my precious baby's firsts. It's such a blessing. It was this time last year when we first got pregnant. Now my baby is rolling over! Time is so precious!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2010!
Today we celebrated our 1st Valentine's Day as a family of four! We had some delicious red cupcakes, chocolates, and fun Valentine's presents. Kisses for my boys!

Jackson's 1st Valentine's Day

Happy First Valentine's Day to my sweet baby boy, Jackson! Valentine's Day is all about LOVE & we've added SO much more love to our family with the addition of our precious Jackson! Happy 1st Valentine's Day, sweet love!

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party Pics

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party!!!
Where do I begin?!? Happy 3rd Birthday to my favorite oldest son, Noah Michael! The theme of Noah's 3rd birthday was Thomas the Train...Noah's FAVORITE thing in the world right now.
Village Bakery made the most wonderful cake I've ever seen! And it tasted every bit as incredible as it looked! I had several people later tell me that was the best cake they've ever eaten. My friend, Terence the fireman, said that he could surprise Noah with a special visit in his fire truck as a birthday treat. Noah thought that was pretty cool. The firetruck lined up outside, and the kids ran to see the fire truck. Noah's cousin, Ella, was "holding" Noah, but Noah weighs every bit as much as Ella. We have it all on video. It's pretty funny actually. But, Noah started trying to get off Ella's lap, and Ella wanted to hold him. Noah leaned over and they both proceeded to fall out of the fire truck! Noah hit his head on the curb. Terence broke his fall but Noah had a big goose egg on his head right away! Terence said that in 10 years of working for the fire department, that has NEVER happened. Well, leave it to us! After that drama, we had cake, a pinata, and a bounce house with a all was right with the world again.
Lots of our special family and friends were there to celebrate Noah's special 3rd birthday, including:

Mommy, Daddy, & Baby Jackson, Grampa & Oma, Aunt Susie, Uncle Doug, Matthew, Nicholas, Aunt Denise, Andrew, Ella, James, Paw Paw, Granny Meg, Sarah, Elizabeth, Veronica, Connery, and Murphy, Shawn & Amy, The Sigmon Family, The Larson Family, The Turney Family, The Slay Family, Rose Bailey, Martha Lehman, and our favorite firemen...Terence Thedford & Wes Malcom.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah! Mommy Loves YOU!!

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party-

Thomas the Train, a visit from the Tyler Firefighters, a fall out of the fire truck, a Thomas the Train cake, presents, family, friends, a pinata, and a bounce house with a slide! We sure partied it up for Noah's 3rd birthday! Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Noah