Thursday, July 29, 2010

Noah's 1st BIG BOY Underwear

Noah's 1st BIG BOY underwear---didn't go over as well as I anticipated. Noah LOVES Thomas the Train right now, so I had great new Thomas underwear, but he wimpered some when I put them on. Poor thing. It's just a lot of changes all at once. I'm sure it didn't help that even though I bought size 4T, the underwear were snug, and I accidentally snapped the elastic next to Noah's skin when I pulled them up. Nice job, Mommy. Let's have him associate the underwear with pain. Oh well. In the later synopsis of the day, I'll include that we eventually went to Gymboree & got some more underwear that were a little bigger without such rough elastic. That helped. I'm sure he'll one day HATE that I'm mentioning this, but he was also pleasantly surprised when he discovered that he could find his penis with the underwear on...something he couldn't do with a diaper! By the end of the day, Noah still didn't WANT to put on the underwear, but he wasn't fighting, either. Progress.

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