Sunday, January 31, 2010

Noah's 2nd Birthday Party

Noah's 2nd Birthday Party This smile is worth every Elmo I hand-made for the party. Priceless. Grampa as Elmo & Noah
Noah was not even the least bit scared of the red monster. In fact, when my dad went to our room to get some air, Noah started of course he came back:) Such a good Grampa!

My Dad...amazing doesn't cut it! He was sweating, barely able to breath, dancing up a storm, picking up the kids & dancing with them...then picks me up and swings me around! He's still got it! He told me, "You won't be able to see my face underneath the costume, but I was smiling big."

Grampa as Elmo makes the big entrance! Check out those moves!

Noah was so overstimulated and tired after visitors, cake, dancing, and Elmo...I think he maybe opened 2 presents...this was one of them.
SPECIAL family & friends that helped us celebrate the day:
Daddy, Mommy, Grampa, Oma, Aunt Susie, Matthew Nick Nick, Uncle Doug, Aunt Denise, Andrew, Ella, James, Mary Beth & Taylor, Paw Paw, Granny Meg, Sarah, Elizabeth & Roni, Ben, Candi, Savannah, Sierra, & Summer Turney, Shawn, Vickie, & Todd (his kids were sick but Christine sent the cutest present & Noah loved it).

Yesterday (January 30, 2010) we celebrated Noah's 2nd Birthday! My how time flies! Noah loves Elmo now, so it was an Elmo party. The big surprise of the day was the "Red Monster," aka "Elmo." Since Noah loves dancing & loves Elmo, I thought we could combine the two and have Elmo come out & dance with the kids. My dad (Grampa) did the amazing of job of being Elmo. Actually, amazing would be an understatement. I mean, he's 62 years old and jumped up and down, danced, and even spontaneously lifted me up during part of the dance party. Noah loved him. Just LOVED him. My dad was worried it would be a disaster and the kids would run scared from the red monster. Actually James did, but he was the only one, so that's a pretty good outcome.
Elmo Birthday Cake

Noah & Mommy

Noah actually stuck his fingers in the cake while we were singing happy birthday.

Noah dances up a storm to Ghostbusters with Elmo & his friends.
I had a photographer, Jacklyn Capt, come to take pictures for the party so I could really focus on staying in the present and enjoying the moment without worrying about taking pictures. They won't be here until next week, so these are just a few candid shots taken. More to come!
Happy Birthday, sweet angel. Mommy loves you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Picnic N' Playground with Taylor & MaryBeth

Noah gets a thrill going down the big slide!
Happy boy!

Could Taylor be any cuter? I think not!

Had to steal this pic from Mary Beth to prove I was there today.

Mary Beth was sweet enough to call today and invite Noah & I to the park for a playdate. After I thought about it, I realized that this was Noah's 1st official "play date." And we couldn't have had better company! Taylor is only 2 but he is SO well-behaved...and even shared his ball with Noah...a skill that not many 2 year olds have. Mary Beth even packed a picnic with snacks for the boys...which was really thoughtful considering I only had some suckers and puffs in my bag! Noah played so hard, and climbed all over the playground! I'm glad Daddy wasn't there because he would've freaked out watching Noah climb...AND GO DOWN THE BIG SLIDE. It was a little nerve-racking for me to think about Noah going down the big slide (it winded...big stuff!). So, I went down with him a few times, until he said, "Do it, do it," which meant he wanted to do it himself. With Mary Beth spotting, he went down like a all honesty, the 1st time I hung onto him for dear life until he was 1/2 way down the slide so he went down VERY slowly. But after that, he went down all on his own. And he was thrilled! How scary & exciting it is to watch our children grow! What a perfect afternoon with great friends:) Taylor & Mary this pic!

Noah going down the slide

Noah & Taylor enjoying their picnic

Climbing, climbing, climbing

Climbing some more...all boy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas Part 5

Paw paw, Sarah, Noah, Michael, Meg
Paw Paw, Noah, & Sarah check out Noah's new tool box

Noah & Dad'N play with the sit-n-spin

Got cake?
Noah dancin' it out, the nightly entertainment!

Well, it's almost the end of January, so it seems fitting to have another Christmas, right? Well, maybe not, but we did it anyway. We celebrated Christmas with Michael's dad & step-mother tonight. Noah was on cloud was his bedtime & he got to stay up late & have cake and prizes. Noah got a sit-n-spin, some fun tools, and a tool box. Michael's Dad & step-mother also recently had a birthday, so we surprised them with a cake and champagne to celebrate. We finished the night out in Noah's room, where he danced and entertained everyone.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Scary Night

Last night was the scariest night we've had since last April 11th when I had to take Noah to the emergency room. We came home with hopes of relaxing only to hear newscasters reporting that multiple tornadoes were possibly headed our way. We stayed glued to the television (until it went out) which confirmed several tornadoes and two headed right our direction. Earlier that day in my cancer support group, we had a serious talk about the "stuff" that really matters in life...not money, social status, or prestige, but relationships that matter most. Whether it's cancer you're facing, or tornadoes approaching your home, it's not the STUFF you worry's your family. As for me, I'm real honest about my greatest fear....losing those that I love. As the hail came down, flower beds flooded, and thunder rolled, my heart raced at the thought that harm may come to Noah or Michael. Noah actually fell asleep in my arms while the weather reports were running. I rocked him and rocked him...even as we went into the room under the stairway and piled pillows up in case the tornadoes hit. He slept through the whole thing. I just stared down at my darling angel, praying for more time with him...more time with Michael...rocking, rocking, rocking. The storms passed, and praise God everyone is safe. Isn't it a shame that it sometimes takes reminders like terminal illness, an earthquake in Haiti, or threats of tornadoes to get our focus on what matters most....relationships. It's funny how the night can be so scary and foreboding, and the day can bring sunshine and hope. It was a beautiful 70 degrees today. Noah and I spent most of the day outside, soaking up the sun...and precious time with each other. Countless hugs, kisses, and laughter were exchanged. God is so good. Life is so good.

My photogenic angel

The photographer (Rose Bailey) that took Noah's picture last Sunday posted this picture as part of her advertising on the website. I just happened to browse her site & was so surprised to see the cutest red-headed angel child, of course! Check him out at His pic is featured in the Valentine's Day mini-session. She's also on Facebook & had Noah's picture posted this morning. I really love her work. I love it more now, of course! Proud mama.

Brenda Joy McBride

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A weekend of hugs & kisses

Noah was just BEYOND sweet this weekend with his hugs & kisses. He would come up to me with his arms wide open, and say, "Hugga," and give my the hugest hug. Then he'd go to Michael and do the same thing. He'd later say, "Kiss," and come and give me sweet kisses. He is such a heart-melter right now! Love you, Noah!

A nice weekend at home

It seems like it has been a long time since we just had a nice quiet weekend at home. No decorating, no parties, no husband out of state...just Mommy, Daddy, and Noah time. Unfortunately, Saturday was cold and rainy, but today was just perfect! We took a walk outside, went downtown to take some pictures with a new photographer, and spent a long time outside, digging, running, visiting with our neighbors, and just enjoying the sun. Life is so good!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Filling Daddy's Shoes

This morning, I watched as Noah put on Daddy's shoes. It's so sweet the way he tries to fill Daddy's shoes...literally and figuratively.

Sweet boy. Mommy loves you.

The Greatest News

My mom died of breast cancer at age 50. My younger sister, Susie, recently had the genetic testing done....and results were GOOD! She doesn't carry the breast cancer gene! That's huge news for us, and a big, big sigh & prayer of thanksgiving to God. O.k....wiping my tears now. Thanks God. And thanks Mom, my angel in heaven.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Ready For Noah's 2nd Birthday Party

Noah's 2nd Birthday is on 2/4/10, but we're having his birthday party on January 30th. I let him look through party catalogs and took him to the party store, and one thing was very consistent...ELMO, which Noah pronounces, "Elbow." So, an Elmo party we will have. It literally took me taking almost 150 pictures yesterday after work (and bringing balloons home) to get enough decent pictures to make the invitation. I tried 2 days ago to get a picture in the actual Elmo costume, but that was a severe NO GO! So, the shirt will have to do. Here are a few pics that will be on the invitation. I tried to post the invitation, but Shutterfly doesn't post cards, just certain pictures.

Doing Better

Well, we learned a few things when Daddy was gone. 1) Noah is allergic to Codine. 2) Benadryl given to combat the allergic reaction makes my kid jump off the walls like a crackhead. 3) We really appreciate all Daddy does to help Mommy. 4) Emotional eating for a week causes lots of rolls and makes my pants way too tight!

Luckily, Daddy is home & we are on an upswing.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Unhappy angel

Poor Noah...still sick. Poor Mommy, so tired. I took Noah to Toys R' Us today for fun Elmo toys to brighten his mood because Michael has been gone since Wednesday and we haven't been able to go outside because the temps have been the lowest they've been in a decade! Noah liked his prizes but did NOT like letting go of his prize in order for me to get him in his carseat. The biggest fit to date ensued. It literally took me 10-15 minutes to get him in his carseat because he was wretching so wildly. Had I been @ the psych hospital, it would've been a documented restraint. I just had to laugh or I would've cried as all the passers-by whispered and tried not to stare. They probably thought I was awful for laughing when my child was screaming at the top of his lungs. It would've looked worse if I would've started screaming & flailing about, as well...not that I didn't feel like it! So, I took a picture with my phone to document the fun! Check out his hair from all the flailing. (Yes, I lowered the latches...I had to pull extra strap length out to compensate for the wretching...then quickly latch the harness. It was so loose he got out 2 times before I could lower the latch! Gracious! Spicy red head.)

Despite my continued efforts, little angel was just incredibly fussy all day. We're both sleep deprived. Daddy is home so I'm off to bed! I'm Hopeful that tomorrow is a better day.

Brenda Joy McBride

Friday, January 8, 2010

Serenity prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things that I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Brenda Joy McBride

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Sleepy Angel

Poor Noah. He had an ear infection for Christmas, and this week he has some other sickness. I took him to the pediatrician, and the MD gave us cough syrup with codine, the strongest stuff he had...because my poor child (& poor Mommy & Daddy) wake up every 2 hours due to Noah's cough & congestion. I thought the cough syrup would be the silver bullet for sleep. No dice. Instead, my child had a red mask-like rash on his face beginning last night. (Michael left last night for California to go to the BCS Championship Game. As I write this, Michael is at the Rose Bowl in California, unfortunately, watching the Longhorns get their tails handed to them. ) All that to say that the pediatrician's office told me that Noah had either A) An allergic reaction to Codine or B) Fifth's Disease (virus that I can do nothing about). I gave him the recommended Benadryl in hopes that it would fix the rash and help him sleep. No dice again. Instead, he got quite hyperactive and silly. He fell asleep sitting up in the cart in Target...still holding his sucker. Poor little thing. I hope he gets better soon!

About 1/2 of our Christmas decorations

Click here to view these pictures larger

Janice's Wedding "Non-Reception" at Our Home

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Part 4

December 26, 2009...Christmas #4
Since Noah was too tired to open his present from Santa on Christmas night, we waited to open Santa's prize until the 26th. Santa brought Noah a riding electric car. It was too cold to take the car outside, so we drove the car inside. (Thank goodness for the open floor plan or we would've been out of luck!) He loved it! Then we played with some of the toys that he was too tired to play with Christmas day and enjoyed cookies and family time. Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Noah opens his prize from Santa
A big car!

Mommy helps Noah steer through the house.

Playing with more prizes.
Mommy, Daddy, & Noah...Christmas 2009!