Friday, August 27, 2010

More Swim Fun With Cousins

After Nicholas & Noah woke up from their afternoon nap, the boys all headed for the pool again! Then Susie picked up Olive Garden for dinner & we ate outside by the pool! What a fun day!

Day With Matthew & Nick Nick

Matthew & Nicholas spent the day with Noah & I today and we had lots of fun! The weather was perfect & we played outside most of the morning. Matthew was a big helper and all the boys got ice cream treats when Noah stopped swimming to go inside and go poo poo on the potty. And they got MORE treats after everyone ate all their lunch! Noah loves his cousins. "Ah Matthew, ah Nick Nick, ah Noah, ah Mommy" he said, as he'd point to everyone playing. The funniest moment of the day was when all the boys lined up to "pee pee grass" before coming inside (which, by the way, they did with NO FUSSING:) I just had to snap a photo because it was so funny. Girls may have the fabulous tutus, but boys get to pee pee grass!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Noah's Hair Right Now

We haven't cut Noah's hair since his 1st haircut. I believe that was back in April of 2010. It's now the end of August and his hair is getting long again! I can't decide whether to take Noah to get it cut or wait for Grammie to come visit again! Grammie, we'd rather have you do it if you can get here this Labor Day when the Carliles come for a visit. No matter what we do, I know it'll be perfect. Noah's hair is just so beautiful. I just never get tired of looking at it.

Tractor & Outdoor Fun

After working 12 hours today on a broken toe...and very pregnant...I was so tired driving home. I drove up to see the happiest site INSTANT pick-me-up---Noah & Michael driving on the tractor. They met me at my car and then we played outdoors because the weather cooled off. Noah is such a curious little boy...and had so much fun exploring the woods. Love you, nature boy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun With Daddy

Mommy & Daddy McBride are exhausted right now. I broke my toe (cleaning, of all things) and we have been going 90 to nothing trying to get stuff ready for baby, as well as having a toddler that is beyond energetic, working, continuing potty training, etc. etc. I had to laugh when I looked at these pictures of Michael with Noah. I usually dance with Noah & often carry him through the house, but not this weekend, as I'm already walking with a limp. You can tell in these pictures, though, that Michael is filling in, and is just exhausted. I am, too, but luckily, there are no pictures of me this weekend! Thanks for being such a good husband and Daddy! I pray that one of these days we will get some rest. Sometime before 11 weeks because when baby arrives, we'll be beyond tired again.

Meeting Scott for the 1st time

Noah met Scott for the 1st time today. Scott grew up with Michael & was in our wedding party. He's such a nice guy, and we were so happy for Noah to get to meet our special friend.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Funny Story

My friend, Michelle kept Noah a 1/2 day today so that I could work a little at the psych ward---She said he was VERY good...until about the last 20 minutes before I came home (which IS his nap time, so I'm amused, not upset:)
Noah had no accidents. His last potty before I came home, he threw a fit and then proceeded to throw his underwear INTO THE TOILET! She had to fish my son's underwear from the toilet! (Luckily we're good friends! I wouldn't ask just anyone to do that!) She said that after about 5 minutes of pouting, he said, "ready," which meant ready to put on new underwear. My bad---I forgot to tell her to use the Gymboree underwear, not the Thomas the Train underwear, because my boy has got some serious "back" and those 4T Thomas are just TOO tight! For the record, Noah is only 2 but wears a 5/6 underwear at Gymboree. Big ole boy. Anyway, she tried to put the Thomas underwear on, and he refused, took his naked little bottom to the bed and went to sleep! This is a child that I normally rock to sleep, but he must've been good and tired to do that! A FIRST for Noah! I didn't want Noah to have an accident while sleeping, so I figured I'd wake him up to put a diaper on him. I had to roll him over to get the diaper on, but HE DIDN'T EVEN WAKE UP! Another first! Funny story. When I told Michael, he couldn't believe it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More-gehn Dad'N

Daddy & Noah played a game of flip Noah onto the couch & Noah laughed & laughed! His laugh NEVER gets old! Neither does his smile. Noah will say, "More-gehn," (for more, again) when he likes this case...I was so glad it was Michael lifting him up over the couch, because the "more-gehn" went on & on! And ON---eventually Michael had to rest!

Bubble Bath Fun

Noah loves taking a bubble bath in my big tub. He REALLY likes it when I turn the jets on, because it makes lots of bubbles fast! A fun & easy way of entertaining my 2 year old when it's too hot to go outside---even in the pool.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little Nature Boy

Michael & I worked outside this morning doing some weed-pulling & transplanting. My little nature boy, Noah, had so much fun playing in the nearby "woods" while we worked. After we saw he was attempting to climb the trees, I put some shorts on him to save his legs...which, are rather muscular for a 2 1/2 year old! This kid is a tank!

Major Applewhite-In-Training

Noah has recently started wearing his Daddy's hats---even when he has no other clothes on! I couldn't help but think that he looks like a mini-Major Applewhite in these pictures. Hook 'Em, Love!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bad choice, wasp

I often talk to Noah about choices. This last weekend, after swimming, I was carrying Noah inside and a wasp was flying toward us at the door. I swatted him away, not wanting Noah to get stung by the wasp. I got stung instead. We came inside, and Noah looked at the wasp outside and said, "bad choice wasp!" I laughed soooooo hard! He DOES hear me!

Precious Angel in Heaven, Walker Jack Rainey

I've been deeply touched by reading the posts of Missy and Chad Rainey, former schoolmates of mine from Commerce, Texas. Chad's mother was my high school counselor. Their son, Walker Jack, was diagnosed with cancer at only 6 months old. Reading of their spirit and faith through this difficult journey has truly been inspirational. I happened to check the Caring Bridge website today, and Walker passed away this morning. He was 17 months old. There is now another angel in heaven named Walker Jack. I sat rocking Noah to sleep tonight, filled with so much gratitude to have my precious Noah and another sweet boy on the way. Noah was laid across my chest and tummy, and I could feel his heart beating and his brother kicking in my belly. How blessed I am. How truly blessed. I cannot imagine the devastation that accompanies the loss of a child. This is just a reminder, dear ones, to hold your loved ones close, and tell them just how much they are loved.

Poo Poo Bear

O.k. Here's a funny one I had to write down. One day last week when Noah was sitting on the potty, I pulled out a Winnie the Pooh book and just started pointing to the characters to try to keep Noah sitting on the potty a bit longer. When I told him the bear's name was Pooh bear, Noah immediatedly associated it with his potty training and called him, "Poo Poo Bear." I just happened to have a stuffed "Poo Poo Bear" in his room and brought him to the potty. Noah was so excited, "It's Poo Poo Bear!" So he had Poo Poo Bear sit on the potty first, and then Noah would go. Now we keep both Poo Poo Bear and the Poo Poo Bear book in Noah's bathroom to help with potty time. Hilarious.

27 weeks pregnant today

Today I'm 27 weeks pregnant...officially entering my 3rd trimester for our second bouncing baby boy. There are so many things left to do before our newest angel arrives, but I know no matter how hard I try to plan and organize, there will be tons of things that I never thought about and couldn't have known to think about until I'm actually in the 24-hour daily baby care trenches. But I know that I'm blessed beyond measure to have another precious boy join our family!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Swim Fun

I know we already have tons & tons of swim pictures, but it's August in summertime in Texas. It's what we do! And these pics of Noah are just too cute for words! Love my boy!