Friday, April 30, 2010

A memory of Mom

Climbing Pinkie Rose- April 30, 2010- less than 1 year old

Climbing Iceberg Rose- less than 1 year old

Something my mother used to do was take pictures of her plants when they were heavily blooming, & put them in a notebook. I asked why she did this. She told me that this way she'd have a good idea of when she could expect certain plants to be their prettiest. (She was ahead of her time. Now these gardening journals, as they are called, sell like hotcakes!) She was so cute. She & my dad had 10 acres of beautiful land, and they were ALWAYS outside gardening, working on outdoor projects, & mowing. But it was gorgeous. They planted Crepe Myrtle trees all along a long creek bed. I remember her saying that she knew just when she could expect her Crepe Myrtles to start blooming in June because she kept dates and pictures in this notebook. She was always thinking of others and how to make things beautiful for her family. "Crepe Myrtles should be blooming by mid June; wouldn't that be pretty for a wedding?" I remember her saying. How I miss her. How I wish she was here to share her love with Noah and this precious new baby on the way. But I know I was blessed because she taught me how to love. She & my dad both taught me to love in so many ways. I can honor her memory by loving as she loved me and remembering. So today, I looked outside and saw my not-even-a-year-old climbing roses. My neighbors have been asking me what I've done to get them so beautiful so fast. I don't know what it is. Maybe I've got more of my parents' gardening genes than I realized. I took some pictures of my roses in heavy bloom this morning so that I, like my mother, can keep the tradition going. One day Noah & his sister or brother will read this, and learn just what a special lady their Grandma Rogers was. Oh how she blessed my life.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Day of Camp & Visiting Cousins

Today was the last day of the Great Getaway Camp. There was a nice article in the Tyler paper about our little camp and that was nice. It's been an exhausting week, though, and I'm now getting ready for Komen in another week. Then I'm going to sleep & RECOVER! Fran & Sandy- I presented them with Geraniums as a special thank Fran for starting the camp, and to Sandy for making it all happen since Fran left.
Noah spent the day at my sister's house & had a BLAST visiting with his cousins.

Here is the best pic I could get of these three. What can I say? They're 5, 2, & 2!

Today was Matthew's first game & I wanted to make sure I got a picture of him after he got all dressed up in his baseball clothes. Isn't he adorable? Looks ready to me!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great Getaway Camp 2010 Day 2

Day 2 of the Great Getaway Camp 2010

Clearly, the highlight of my day was bringing Noah to camp. He had so much fun visiting his friends. Noah has been at camp every year for the past 3 camps. I was on maternity leave for his first camp...he was only a couple months old. The campers thought he was just precious. Well, that hasn't changed. Everyone loved his hair, the funny way Noah says, "hi," and giving him high fives.
Our 2010 Great Getaway Group

Noah gives miss Joy a high five

Tickle time with Sandy

More High Fives with Miss Linda

A highlight of my evening...being surprised by a dear friend of mine (& breast cancer survivor) Linda Wescamp. I've got nothing but love for this precious lady.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rock You, Hold You

Every nap, every bedtime, we rock Noah to sleep. It's funny. Sometimes he wants Daddy to put him to sleep, sometimes Mommy. Noah has heard me say, "Do you want Mommy to rock you?" and "Do you want Mommy to hold you?" so many times that he will say, "rock you,"or "hold you" when he wants me to rock or hold him. For instance, this morning, he was just waking up and was sitting in the chair drinking his milk, watching a show. He reached his arms out to me and said, "Hold you." I happily held my sweet boy. Tonight when I was rocking Noah to sleep, I thought Noah was asleep and I got up to put him in his bed. He whispered in the sweetest baby voice, "rock you." So I sweetly rocked my precious boy for quite a while, realizing that THESE are the moments that I'll want to cherish forever...Rock you, hold you.

Cinco De Mayo Photo Shoot

Noah was one of 2 boys chosen by Rose Bailey to participate in her Cinco De Mayo photoshoot. The shoot was scheduled at 5:30, but by the time we got all the little girls dressed and the flowers in their hair, it was closer to 6 by the time we started...and he is usually getting ready for bed between 7-7:30. Needless to say it was a challenge. I'm glad Michael was there to help me wrangle my rowdy toddler! I brought my iPod so the kids could listen to music along with a full bag of M&M's that we used for bribery. It was exhausting, but I'm glad he was a part of it!

Can you say chaos?

1st Day of Great Getaway Camp

Today was the first day of the Great Getaway Camp for cancer survivors. I normally am excited about this event, but to be perfectly honest, today felt challenging for me to get in the spirit. I must say, my mood was sour to start, BUT thanks to my good buddy Mary Beth, my mood quickly sweetened. There's something about a real friend---someone who knows all about you...and loves you anyway, that is so healing to the heart.
Me & my friend Sandy, who LITERALLY pulls this whole camp together.
My dear friend, Patty, who last year at this time was barely diagnosed...and this year...SURVIVING & THRIVING!
The Domestic Diva, AKA Mary Beth, showing off her homemade herbs!
Mary Beth did a GREAT job making an award-winning salad & making enough for ALL the staff and campers! What a gal!

Just Because

These last few weeks have been hectic to say the least. I've been working some on the weekends and doing so much for Komen this year. We literally have about 30 boxes of Komen race materials at our house. And today started the Great Getaway Camp...which is normally a fun thing, but with everything in the mix, having childcare problems, pregnancy fatigue....I just didn't feel the same excitement I'd normally feel. When Michael came home, he brought me these lovely Gerber daisies...just because. After 12 years of marriage, still bringing me flowers "just because." That's something I had to write about. The simplest gestures can mean the most.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Noah's 1st Hair Cut...Part 1

O.k. The day I've been dreading for the last 2+ years is here....the day Noah gets his first haircut. I've been reluctantly debating on getting his hair cut and continue to let his precious copper locks grow & curl. But even Michael's mom noticed that the curls particularly by Noah's ears and back of his neck were bothering him. After we saw how long it really was in the bathtub, and after much deliberation, (and I won't lie...a few tears) we decided to have Michael's Mom cut Noah's hair. If I could have ANYONE do it, it's Grammie. She used to cut hair, she listens to me...and above all else...SHE LOVES NOAH'S curls, too! So I didn't worry too much about her lopping off too much. Because this is such a monumental occasion, I'm documenting in a 2-part blog. This is part 1! My angel, Noah...just minutes before Grammie cut his hair for the 1st time.

We turned on a fun Elmo show for Noah & had some chocolate M&M's, in hopes that he'd be still and distracted for his first haircut.

As you can see, that didn't work. As soon as Michael set up behind Noah & began wetting his hair, Noah instantly sensed something was up. "What's going on here, Daddy?!?"

Grammie was going to start slowly. This is when she was combing out Noah's hair. Look at his sad boo boo face as he holds a strand of his hair. It broke my heart. I literally had tears in my eyes.

Grammie making the first cut. Again, look at Noah's sad face. Heartbreaking! It's like he knew what was happening. His face matched mine. I felt as if my heart was being cut out with a spoon. Ugh.
Look at this face. I never anticipated that Noah would be sad....fidgety, yes...cranky, yes...but sad? No. LUCKILY, after the initial shock of the first couple snips, Noah was a pro and literally just let her go and watched his show, laughing, giggling...being his normal fun self.
Nevertheless, Mama was a little bit in trauma! Oh, it's hard letting go...even of a few precious curls!
Thank GOODNESS Part 2 is a much better report!

Noah's 1st Haircut...Part 2!

Noah's 1st Haircut...Continued Here Grammie is holding Noah's 1st cut copper curl.
And here's a close-up!
After the initial shock for both Noah & Mommy...he handled the cut like a pro! It didn't bother him a bit.
Grammie cuts some curls from the side.
ALL DONE WITH NOAH'S 1st HAIRCUT! And he's still as cute and as precious as EVER! Grammie kept plenty of curls, but hopefully now it won't be bothering my sweet boy. That precious smile did me a world of good! THANKS SO MUCH GRAMMIE!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Noah's LONG & precious COPPER LOCKS

Noah's hair. Oh how I love his hair. We all have something about ourselves that distinguishes us from the rest of the crowd. Noah has plenty of those characteristics...but his HAIR is one of the biggest. In a few more years, red heads will be extinct! How sad.
I've been noticing that his hair is starting to bother him, specifically, his ears, where the hair hangs down a lot. Michael has been after me to cut it for a while.
But I love his curls...OH THOSE PRECIOUS CURLS!. Tonight at bath time, I decided to just take a look and officially document my precious boy's long, beautiful, curly red hair. My happy place is gazing at those copper locks. Look how long....some people even say, "Oh what a pretty little girl!" (I think that's just because Noah is so pretty!) Hello people---he wears BOY clothes...except in this pic, of course!
This look says, "What are you up to, Mommy?!"

Fun With Grammie

Noah had SO much fun with his Grammie! She brought him prizes, worked puzzles with him, walked him around the lake, and invented a fascinating tissue paper game that involved Grammie covering up Noah with tissue paper & then Noah busting out of the paper...again and again and again. Grammie was tired but she was SUCH a great sport! We miss her already. Noah & Grammie clapping, "Yay!" after getting puzzle pieces together
High Five Grammie!

This is the famous tissue paper game. Grammie 1st covered Noah in tissue paper.
Then she said, "Where's my Noah?"

Then Noah BURSTS out of the paper just GIGGLING his little heart out!

Then we'd all laugh & the game would start again.
Oh what fun!

Rose Garden With Grammie

What a treat! When Noah woke up from his nap, POOF....Grammie was at his house! He was so excited. Michael & I were shocked to discover that his mom, Grammie, had never been to the Tyler Rose Garden! All this time? So, we made an impromptu visit & it was a perfect, warm day! Daddy, Noah, & Grammie, holding hands walking down the steps
Noah & Grammie stop & take the time to smell the roses.

Noah getting on his tip-toes to smell this pretty pink rose

Grammie & Noah

Grammie & Noah, hand-in-hand. Awwwww. Sweetness.

Noah's 1st Bounce House

Noah got to experience his 1st bounce house at Taylor's 3rd birthday party. And it worked out beautifully. There were only a small group of nice, clean children there, and most of them were younger so I didn't worry too much about the extreme rough-housing. Noah is big for his age, so people often forget...he's just 2! I was shocked when he wouldn't go in the bounce house at first chance. It took him time to warm up, but once he figured it out, he was hooked! He was so small, he couldn't even get up the entrance ramp without a push. So cute. He kept trying until he eventually got in without any help at all. Is he precious or what?
Noah couldn't make it up the slide without help, so I'd jump in the house real fast an put him up on the slide before he slid down!

This was the ramp that Noah had such a hard time getting up. But he kept trying until he got it! Such a determined little guy. I love that.