Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve Hugs
Mommy & Noah

Cousins! Andrew, Matthew, Nicholas, James, Ella, Noah, & Jax

The Runte Family

Sweet Jackson (2)

Our Family

Noah got Daddy some Angry Birds Christmas underwear for Daddy's Christmas Eve present!

Susie, Denise, Dad, Brenda

Sweet Jackson
Noah (4)

Me & My Boys
Christmas Eve 2012-
It was a REALLY special Christmas Eve because Denise and her kids joined us at Susie's house for a pre-church family get-together.  We haven't been able to have Denise with us these past couple years on Christmas Eve, so this year was a real treat.  Our tradition on Christmas Eve is that each person is allowed to open one gift. Noah wanted to pick out a present for Daddy himself.  Noah bought Daddy some Christmas Angry Birds boxer shorts. Daddy cracked up when he opened his gift. Good job, Noah!

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