Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

 Noah's best friend, Sawyer, and his family also joined us for Halloween trick-or-treating. Our neighborhood wasn't busy at all, but the kids got  lots of candy and had a good time. It was the perfect Halloween!

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013~ Most fun Halloween we've had yet!
Paw Paw & Sarah joined us for our Halloween trick-or-treating this year, which was really special! Noah was Captain America. Jackson was Superman, and I was Super Mommy. I bought Daddy a Superman t-shirt, but he was a no-dice. Boo.  We still had fun!

Super Mommy

I was evidently the talk of the courthouse this Halloween, as I wore my Super Mommy costume to the courthouse.  I assess CPS families each Thursday in court, and I had planned on also taking the kids at the hospital trick-or-treating but had very little time between the two. Little did I know that I'd be called to testify my Super Mommy costume! The Judge, thankfully, loves me and got a kick out of my costume.  What's most important, the kids at the hospital loved it.
But I won't lie, the lawyers aren't going to let me live this one down for a long time!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

The after party of Jackson's 3rd

I always love the after-party following a birthday party at home. Yes, the house looks like hell, and frankly, so do I...but I never care. We put on our sweatpants, slide, bounce, and just have a little fun as a family.  Paw Paw and his crew joined us which made it extra special!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Construction Party Details

Oh the details and WORK that goes into throwing your son's birthday party at your house! My house was literally under construction from all the crafting supplies, banner-making crafts, cones, and construction stuff everywhere preparing for the party. People always comment on why I do it. Why, you ask? Because it makes me feel good. No moments in my lifetime compare to the birth of my children.  And celebrating their birth is a big, big deal to this Mommy.  I hope one day that when the boys look back, they know that their Mommy did the best she could to make their birthday extra special...because my boys are extra special! Happy 3rd birthday Jackson!

Construction Party Tasty Treats

Here are a few of the tasty treats we had for Jackson's 3rd birthday party. Of course, Mommy made her famous (in our neck of the woods, anyway) homemade sugar cookies from Jackson's Grandma Marie's recipe.  They were a hit of course! I don't bake cake, but Mama always makes her boys special cookies for their big day! Happy 3rd Jackson!

Jackson's 3rd Birthday Party

 Happy 3rd birthday, Jackson Joseph McBride!
Special family and friends came to sing happy birthday to this precious 3 year old boy.  Village Bakery did an amazing cake, and it was delicious! Of course Mommy made cookies and decorated the place in all things construction for my little worker's 3rd birthday.
These. Moments. Matter. Most.

Make a wish, Jackson!

My whole world.