Monday, January 31, 2011

Noah's 3rd Birthday Invitation

This is Noah's 3rd Birthday Party Invitation. I don't even have it mailed yet! Luckily, only family and a few friends are all we're having, and I figure these people will love me even if I don't have the life force to get the invitation out in time! I'm so not superwoman! But I'm o.k. with that. Progress!

Valentine Pics

Here are a few pictures of my sweet, sweet Valentines...Noah & Jackson

Jackson at 2 months

Here are a few pics of Jackson at 2 months old---sweet baby. Oh, how I love this precious baby boy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jackson's First Laugh

Today Jackson LAUGHED for the 1st time! He was in his bouncy chair and I was singing to him "tucked in tight," and playing with his little arms and legs. BIG smiles, followed by his first laugh! Melt my heart! I just kept singing and playing with him, and called Michael & Noah into the room. Everyone heard Baby Jackson have his first giggles. Melt my heart! There's nothing like experiencing all your baby's firsts!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bye bye maternity leave...hello work juggling

Well, my maternity leave is officially over. And it's with butterflies in my stomach and a whole lot of anxiety that I go back to work tomorrow. Not that my work is bad...actually, it is quite the opposite. ETMC has been nothing short of wonderful to me. But I'm going to be shuffling even MORE hats than I have been. Where to begin? Well, Judge Clark's office called me and said I came highly recommended, and that they wanted me to serve as the clinical manager for their drug court. I'd be going to staffings every week, going to court every week, and doing chemical dependency evaluations on all the parents that have kids in CPS custody due to alcohol or drug abuse. I then would make recommendations whether they'd be a good candidate for drug court, if they need detox, etc. I love the program. It's actually cutting edge...particularly for TYLER!!! As the goal is not to just throw parents in jail, but educate and rehabilitate them, with the goal of reuniting families. I've seen some of the success stories first hand and I believe in the program. It's an honor to be asked to be a team member. But I'd have to do the assessments while I have childcare...and I'm already trying to cram as many hours into 2 1/2 days as possible. BHC was totally supportive of this and even wants me to spotlight the program in this week's meeting with the affiliates. Whereas I used to be somewhat "tied" to helping the adult psych unit the mornings that I am at BHC, I no longer will be. Again, they have been awesome to me. Told me to figure out what my drug court schedule will be, just float wherever they need help at BHC, & do my cancer groups. They also want to use me for more public speaking, particularly doing monthly education seminars for the community. Sounds good to me. I told them I'd do whatever they wanted me to do because they have been so good to me. Add to going back to work...NEW people...I just don't want to fail or let anybody down. Judge Clark & all her staff have been incredibly nice to me. I really don't know why they'd want me, but I'm glad that they do! It's still scary though, starting something new. BUT, I have a history of leaving previous jobs because I wasn't challenged...not growing...and I KNOW this is a wonderful opportunity for growth. So, I'm just jumping in. AND doing some new stuff at BHC. AND serving as the National Sponsor Liason for Komen Tyler. AND Komen asked me to be a part of their committee that does a community needs assessment. Based on that assessment they determine how that money gets delegated throughout the community. Last year, I believe ETMC didn't get as much funding as another hospital, so I definitely wanted to be on that committee. That's exhausting to write, much less do. Did I mention I have a 2 1/2 month old baby and an almost 3 year old? And I'm going to be trying to breastfeed/pump throughout all this? Yikes. And on very little sleep! And still trying to lose baby weight---how in the world am I going to get my running stride back?!?!? I'm trying to do another 1/2 marathon in March. I've got a LONG way to go! I guess I just have to make an appointment with myself for my self-care or I'll be the first one off the list for sure. So, there it is. I'm one big ball of nerves tonight. What would I tell my clients? Start with the things I CAN control. Get as much of my stuff ready tonight because I'll be up feeding at 3 am, and up by the time I get Jackson down, I'll be up to get ready for work at 4:30 am. I can have gratitude for the many blessings that I do have. I am lucky enough to work part time and have insurance for my family. Huge blessing since Michael is self-employed. My boss and work environment is positive and has supported me 110%. Not everyone has that. Not everyone gets as long as a leave as I've had. My boys are healthy. My husband loves me and helps a lot with the boys. At least I have a job to go back TO! Economic times are tough right now. So, my house is a mess, yes. I will surely take some time to get some type of groove going. It's going to be a struggle and a juggling act for sure. But there are also lots of opportunities for growth, and if we're not growing, what's the point of living? Stagnating?!? I think not. One day at a time for now. I've written this post quickly, and I'm not going to go back and edit or sugar-coat anything to make it sound any differently than it is...the honest truth about where I am right now. One day, my boys will be bigger, I'll have sleep again, and I'll be able to ask myself how in the heck I did it! Busy working mother...trying to juggle it all...signing OFF!

Happy 63rd Birthday Paw Paw

Paw Paw, Granny Meg, & Sarah came to celebrate Paw Paw's 63rd birthday at our house! We ordered in Mercados, Paw Paw's favorite, and ate yummy cake! Happy Birthday Paw Paw!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Noah & Jackson's 1st Bath Together

Tonight Noah & Jackson took their 1st bath together. Well, technically, Jackson was in his small tub which was inside the bigger tub, and Noah was in the bigger tub. But it was still their first bath together as brothers. Noah was so cute and was gentle with helping me clean his baby brother. Jackson really enjoyed it, and smiled in delight.

Stacy's Last Visit Before Moving to Georgia:(

Noah, Stacy, Jackson, & I visiting one last time before Stacy's move to Georgia. Stacy is one of my dearest friends. I've known her since college, and we've been through so much together. I even introduced her to her husband. We vacationed in Jamaica together. So sad that she's moving, but we've been friends so long...distance won't be able to break our bond. After she left, Noah said, "Stacy nice. I like Stacy." Me too, buddy. Me too!

Stacy Meets Jackson for the 1st Time

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Stacy, came by today to visit. She is moving to Georgia next week & we were so glad she came to see us one last time before she leaves. She met Baby Jackson for the first time, and played with Noah. It made my heart happy to watch her with my boys. Oh how I'll miss her. She is so very dear to my heart. Love you, friend.

Jackson's Beautiful Smile

Jackson's beautiful smile:)

Mommy & Her Boys

Here I am with my sweet boys!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Pics

First snow of the year~
Noah didn't like the cold on his face, so he was camera shy...but still cute! And my little Jackson was just wide-eyed and adorable for his first snow.

First Snow Black & Whites

Today Jackson saw snow for the 1st time! Here are a few black & white photos of my sweet baby boy's first snow. Jackson is 2 months old.

Noah & Daddy's Snowman

Noah & Daddy (mostly Daddy) worked to make a snowman. Daddy was such a trooper---rolling the snowman in the freezing cold...just to make Noah happy. Noah was so happy that we could see the snowman from the big windows in the living room. Thanks Daddy! Good job boys!