Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Noah's likes at 3 years

Noah's "Likes" at 3 years-
-Daddy! Daddy is #1 on Noah's list most days. (Unless Daddy has him in time out. Then he calls for Mommy. Funny how things change).
-Mommy & Baby Jackson come in 2nd, I'd say.
-Noah loves to sing & dance! It's funny how he'll make up songs to the regular activities of the day...Something I've done for years, actually. For instance, if we're getting ready to go outside for a walk, Noah might start singing, "We're putting our shoes on. Mommy and Daddy and Jackson and Noah. Walk, walk. We're going for a walk outside." (all sung, of course, to no particular tune!)
-Trains----Noah is still into his Thomas the train. He's also getting into dinosaurs, Cailou, pirates, and some and other animals; particularly sea animals and dinosaurs.
-Food- Noah is my picky eater. He won't eat meat unless it's turkey. Even hotdogs. He'll eat a turkey hot dog, but if you try to sneak a regular hot dog in on him, he won't eat it. I don't know where this came from. I was always that way, though. Still am. So, who knows?! For food, Noah eats turkey hot dogs, cheese, chick patties (those vegan patty things---not real chicken yet!), fruit, and some vegetables. He loves cookies and Mexican food, like his Mommy.
-School- Noah loves his school. He thinks school isn't open unless he's there. When he goes to his class, he says, "Noah's here. Hi friends!" He is MR. SOCIAL!
-Swimming, going to the park, and playing outside are his favorite activities. He also loves playing with his cousins or "friends."
-He loves to make tents, and likes for Mommy or Daddy to "lay lay" with him when it's time for him to go to sleep.
-When he goes to sleep, he likes Mommy to sing, "Silent Night," and "You Are My Sunshine."
-He sleeps with three squishy pillows and is rather OCD about having his pillows and blankets.
Noah is my Mr. Enthusiasm. He wakes up every day with such enthusiasm and joy. EVERYTHING is an adventure to him. If I do something good, or eat all my food, he says in a spirited voice, "Mommy, you ate all your food! I'm very proud of you!" He is a HAM! He is all-energy, all the time. And when he crashes, he crashes for a good 2 hours usually. He still naps in the afternoon, and sleeps through the night. But he's my early riser. He gets up before Jackson most of the time! He can be so sweet, but he is also my limit-tester! He knows the time-out chair well. He is passionate. About everything! He is my sunshine.

Jackson''s likes at 9 months

Jackson's "Likes" at 9 months-
-Mommy, of course...he's a Mama's boy...and I love it!
-Daddy & Noah, of course. He looks just like Michael & thinks Noah is the coolest!
-Milk-Still nursing
-Being walked to sleep, NOT rocked to sleep (Noah was just the opposite. He liked to be rocked to sleep. Funny how they're different.)
-John Lennon- This is a fact. Whenever Jackson is crying, 99% of the time, if you turn on John Lennon, specifically, "Beautiful Boy, Imagine, or Stand By Me (a Beatles version)" he stops crying. He'd literally pull up to the music. He loves him some John Lennon. Like Mr. Lennon, I think Jackson is an old soul. Deep. Just my hunch.
-Baths- He loves splish splashing in the bathtub with Noah.
-Mommy's singing.
-Swaddle- He still prefers a big, tight swaddle when he goes to sleep. Sure, he busts out of it, but he likes it still to go down. If it's not broken...don't fix it. So we keep wrapping him up!
-Being Outside- Jackson loves being outside, especially taking walks outside.
-Just taking it all in.
Jackson observes everything keenly. He takes it all in. He's a thinker. A contemplator. A sweet, sweet soul. He looks just like Michael did when Michael was a baby. He's thick and rolly. I love his sweet laugh. He's pure preciousness, and I don't know how I ever lived without him.

Mommy and Noah on the beach

Here are just a few pictures of Noah & Mommy from our vacation at Dauphin Island. PURE JOY! I love my precious Noah!

Noah's au natural beach pics

These have to be the most priceless pictures! When we were finished with our family picture session on Dauphin Island Beach, Noah took off running free on the beach after we took off his clothes (as he was covered in sand). We all were literally crying from laughing so hard, and the photographer was SUCH a great sport, and kept a snapping! Noah climbed up on some piece of old wood that was washed up on the beach. I just LOVE his spirit!!!
Don't ever change, sweet love!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beach Pictures Vacation 2011

Because I'm always concerned with capturing our memories...I booked a photographer to come (attempt) to take some pictures of our family on the beach during our vacation to Dauphin Island.  The photographer was amazing, and we, honestly had a good time! And amazingly enough, he gave us the CD of the entire session---close to 300 pictures! Here's just a sampling.  One of my favorite pictures is the picture of Noah and I on the beach. That's just us---JOYFUL! PRICELESS memories! And, I don't mean to brag...but aren't my boys just stunning?

Fun Times at Dauphin Island Beach

 Dauphin Island Beach Vacation- August 2011

We saw a really big ship, cooked shrimp with Grammie (Well, she cooked. I made spinach dip), and played outside on the beach a lot! As you can see from the beach pictures, we pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves! That was pretty amazing! These boys of mine are so precious! I love watching them on the beach!

Our Beach House on Dauphin Island

Our Beach House on Dauphin Island was more than we had hoped for! We had plenty of room and a beautiful view of the ocean.  We literally were steps away from the beach! The boys had plenty of room to play and nap, and the huge kitchen was great for cooking! Michael did GREAT finding this place! We were literally one of a few houses spread apart on the beach. Most days, we had the beach all to ourselves!

More Beach Pictures Vacation 2011 Dauphin Island

Priceless Memories
My beautiful family- August 2011- Dauphin Island
Our 1st Vacation As a Family Of Four!

Daddy and Noah on the beach

Daddy & Noah running down the beach during our Dauphin Island Vacation.
Are these pictures just priceless or what?

Jackson at 9 months

Precious Jackson Joseph McBride
9 Months Old
My Darling Jackson,
You are quite possibly, one of the sweetest souls on earth.  You are a thinker.  You watch everything closely. You love your mommy. And she loves YOU! You love to be walked to sleep. I've spent countless hours walking you and then watching as you slumber in my arms.  You are sensitive. Sweet to the core. I can't imagine my life without your innocence and grace.  You remind me so much of your Grandma Rogers.  She would've loved to hold you, sweet precious boy.  I simply adore you.

Beach brother buddies- Dauphin Island 2011

 Dauphin Island Vacation- 2011

My sweet boys- August 2011-
Noah (3) Jackson (9 months)
Priceless moments on the beach
Mommy snapped this picture. Too cute not to share!

Jackson sees the ocean for the 1st time

Jackson sees the ocean for the 1st time...
How amazing is it to watch him discover the world?

To see explore the new world...through the innocent eyes of my child...

What a blessing.
I want to FEEL the JOY!

Take it all in. Life's moments pass by
all too quickly.