Sunday, May 22, 2011

Camping, kinda, with Brian & Sam

We visited Brian & Sam at Garden Valley Golf Resort today. Daddy played golf and Mommy got to attend two birthday parties with two boys by herself before driving to Garden Valley. Brian cooked out on the grill. Michael showed Sam how to start a fire with pine cones. Noah had a blast. Jackson, like always, was SUCH a good sport, being toted from place to place. And Mommy? Mommy was about ready to pass out! But I do love to see my boys smile:)

Happy Birthday Arleen, Summer, & Murphy

May is a busy month for birthdays! But let me tell you---Noah LOVES a party! We had several special parties this week---Arleen, Summer, & Murphy. For Arleen's party, Noah sang "You Are My Sunshine," to Arleen and it was the sweetest thing ever! Summer had a princess party and Noah so sported his pink princess hat. Loved it. Then we headed to Lindale for Murphy Belle's birthday party. Connery helped me so much with Noah! I was by myself with both boys, and the party hopping had us all wore out! Happy birthday to our special friends!

Jackson actually eats his oatmeal for the 1st real time

We technically gave Jackson some baby oatmeal, but he didn't really like it. He didn't understand the whole chewing thing, so we backed off. I noticed that he's been watching us eat more, so I had Michael give him some oatmeal again. THIS time, Jackson knew just what was going on! He opened his mouth wide and ate his oatmeal! He still had kind of a funny face when he was eating it, as if he was thinking, "What's going on?" FUN firsts!

Noah's first, last day of pre-school

Today was Noah's first, last day of his pre-school year at Oak Tree Academy. He & his friends had a pizza party and gave lots of sweet hugs! I'm SO glad I enrolled him in pre-school. He has loved it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Splash Day at Oak Tree Academy

Today was Splash Day at Oak Tree Academy! Noah had SO much fun! He lathered up in sunscreen & spent most of the day slipping and sliding in the water. I think I'll have to invest in this contraption, even though we have a pool, because he had a ball! Jackson was ever the perfect little trooper, as usual. Fun time!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Graduation Shawn

Yesterday I attended Shawn & Amy's graduation from graduate school. I met Shawn about 5 years ago, when he first moved to Texas from Maine. We've been great friends since we met. He has supported me through just about everything, and vice versa. Noah just loves Shawn. He made Shawn a special card for graduation, and everyone, including Shawn, thought that was pretty special. Congrats Shawn & Amy! I can't wait to see what the future brings!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ella's 7th birthday party

Happy 7th Birthday Ella Marie! Ella had her birthday party at a gymnastics gym! SO much fun--I can honestly say, I have never seen Noah so happy! I'm going to have to enroll him in gymnastics! He jumped and jumped and climbed for hours! Grampa was there and jumped on the trampoline with Noah & helped me with Jackson, too! The highlight was when Susie, Denise, & I did our backhandsprings and back flips on the floor. Grampa also got a pic with all 7 of his grandkids! FUN!

Mama's still got it

So, today my niece, Ella Marie, celebrated her 7th birthday at a gymnastics & cheer gym. My sisters and I just couldn't stand being in that gym and not, we started to try out our long lost (but not totally lost!) tumbling skills. We each did a backhandspring, and I did my first back tuck in YEARS! It was a great feeling for many reasons...but the most being that I was pretty fearful. But I felt the fear and did it anyway. It was so much fun. The owner of the gym asked where I practiced my skills. I told him, "I don't." He was surprised, and told my dad that he usually laughs when the parents of the kids come in and try to tumble, but not today. My dad was there watching the whole thing. I could see him feeling proud of his girls, the same way he used to smile when he'd support all our many cheerleading and gymastics events throughout our childhood & early adulthood. It was just a great time. And NOAH, had the BEST time of all! I think he was the happiest I've ever seen him today. I think I'm going to enroll him in gymnastics soon.

Jackson says "Ma Ma" for the 1st time:)

Today I had the boys outside, and Jackson was sitting in his stroller while I was pulling weeds. When I get started with pulling weeds, it's hard to pull me away. I know that's crazy, but it is what it is. I heard Jackson fussing, and he wasn't crying, so I let him fuss a little. I had my back turned to him and heard him say, "Ma ma." ( I think if he could've said, "Mama, get my butt out of this stroller and love on me" that's what he really would've said!) That was all I needed to hear! I jumped up and of course went goo goo. When Michael got home, Noah said,"Jackson said Ma-Ma to Mommy, Dad'N!" Of course Michael kinda rolled his eyes, like "yeah right." But I heard it! Clear as day! And, since I'm the only one who keeps up with any kind of family's going on record that TODAY, Jackson said his first word...and his first word was MAMA! It made my heart happy:)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jackson's 6 month pictures

Here are my pictures of Jackson Joseph at 6 months old~ May 2011~ What a darling. Oh, how time flies.