Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saying Yes

Lots of changes going on in the McBride house..some internal, some external. While change is difficult, it's necessary to re-evaluate where we are at vs. where we wish to be. I'm in process of evaluating so many areas of my life. Refelction is a good thing.  I just wish God would write the following on a billboard I could read on the way home, "Hello Brenda Joy McBride.  This is God.  Do this...." Unfortunately, God doesn't work that way. I find that he first sends us whispers.  We can choose to ignore the whispers or not. If we do ignore the whispers, they turn into loud, bold statements...then all-out screams! So, I'm trying to listen more carefully to the whispers...and forgive myself when I try to do it MY WAY, and ignore the screams...to my own detriment.  On that note...This week I'm saying YES to...
  • I say YES to saying NO when I need to! Sounds odd, but saying NO is not always an easy thing for me to do.  I genuinely want to help everyone and do everything!
  • I say YES to reflection, yes to hard decsions.
  • I say YES to my boys...and YES to appreciating my time with my loves.
  • YES to working on my fitness.
  • YES to balance...the ever-running-battle of my days!
  • I say YES to beautiful spring-like weather.
  • YES to daffodils!
  • YES to stepping outside my comfort zone!
  • YES to asking for help when I need it.
  • YES to listening to Jackson say, "Mama, Mama, Mama" in the sweetest voice I've ever heard.
  • I say YES to Elizabeth's pre-surgery girls party
  • YES to dancing it out...
  • YES to deep breaths and getting oxygen to my brain!
  • YES to making a difference.
  • YES to progress, not perfection.
  • YES! YES! YES! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ready for Spring

Spring is on the way! We can't wait! Spring in Texas is glorious, and it's my favorite time of year! We spent most of the weekend enjoying the beautiful soon-to-be-springtime air outside.  Noah & I took our 1st ride in our Kayak and he had a great time, "sailing," as he called it.  It was just beautiful. There's nothing better than just spending time outdoors with my favorite boys.


 Jackson enjoyed a few minutes of bathtime in the kitchen sink tonight.  Priceless.

Jump for my LOVES

We pulled out a big "indoor" bouncing contraption this weekend and the boys jumped their little hearts out.  Of course, this meant that our living room turned into an indoor bounce-a-thon, but that's what we  supermoms & superdads do on the weekends!

Grampa's move to his new place

My Dad & Susan moved to their new place this weekend.  My dad is amazing.  He may have  a doctoral degree and be the smartest person I've ever met...but there simply is not a pretentious or lazy bone in his body.  I love that about him.  He will be retiring soon, so he purchased a beautiful piece of land so that he'd have something to "tinker around on" after he retires.  The home that was on the property was just an afterthought to him.  He painted it, had it fixed up nicely, and they began moving in yesterday.  All of us helped with the move.  I love that my family always comes together when we need each other. No questions asked. 
My family pretty much rocks that way! And in lots of other ways, too!
Grampa's house is going to be his grandkids' dreams come true! He's got LOTS of land, a red barn, a lake, and a running creek! Oh, and did I mention a treehouse?!? The treehouse isn't in running order yet, but knowing my dad...it will be soon. I have a feeling lots of good memories will be made at Grampa's new place.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jackson's Wagon Ride @ Grampa's

Ella took Jackson for a wagon ride when we went to Grampa's new house to "help" him move. (Actually, Michael did a great job of helping him move.  I just tried to keep the boys safe amidst all the chaos!) But isn't Jackson cute in this old wagon?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Noah & Macy

Noah's favorite friend from preschool is Macy. She was in his class last year and this year.  They aredelicious together. Such free spirits & precious souls, these two!  It can't HELP but make you smile, right:)?


Isn't it wonderful how our children are so naturally happy?
Look at their sparkly eyes...
The way they wake to each new day with a joyful heart...
No one has to TELL them to be happy.
They don't have to read books about how to be happy.
They don't have to do positive affirmations or go to therapy to find happiness.
They don't care if their clothes are fashionable...
 Worry about the color of their skin...
Or the size of their waistline... 
Happiness comes so easily to their innocent souls.
They just....ARE!
And I, for one...love that about children. 
We adults could learn a lot from our children...
Slide. Play. Laugh. Love.
Be Happy.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saying Yes

My goal for 2012 was to strive for BALANCE. Well, like anything else, in time of stress...we REGRESS! I found myself out of balance the past couple of weeks; not by intention nor by design.  It's ironic, actually. I took 3 days off work so that I could catch up on reports for court in attempt to keep it all in balance! Unfortunatly, when I was at home those three days, I was disappointed mortified by my childcare situation at home, and ended up not working but dealing with the mess at home.  That, of course, meant that my reports didn't get done. So, I worked on them until about 2 am every night/morning. Which lead to my old overuse injury returning...because I ended up turning in about 130 pages of single-space reports.  WHICH, of course...I felt even crappier, because I felt like I was neglecting my kids on top of them already having issues with our babysitter.  Hence, putting the arm brace back on; which meant no kickboxing.  And my RIDICULOUS "all or nothing" thinking...which I despise...crept up during my onslaught of sleepless nights and physical and emotional pain....and turned into this thought:
"Well, I can't work out! I might as well eat total junk."  (Except I didn't say junk!) Two weeks...and five pounds later...after binging on total "junk," and not working out...I feel horrible! It's funny.  I'm so consistent with my workouts...I even got a text message from my kickboxing teacher asking if I was o.k! So now, I have that uncomfortable maddening, "none of my clothes fit" feeling and I know it's all because of the choices I made as a result of my all or nothing thinking.  Therapist heal thyself! Although I am mortified to go to the gym tomorrow because I feel hardly recognizable now that I feel like frump girl...I will commit to going! In fact, I have to hurry up and write because I have to get up at 4:45 to get there in time! I did jog 4 miles today so that's a start.  I'm back on track. And I vow NOT to beat myself up any more!
This week I'm saying YES to...
  • Getting back to the gym at least 5 days this week!
  • YES to getting back into balance.
  • I say YES to a presentation for Judge Clark, CPS, some lawyers, and the like...
  • YES to not stressing about said presentation, but having fun with it instead:)
  • I say YES to getting outside my comfort zone at least once a day!
  • YES to 3 veggies a day & more water! (something I continually have to work on because I love me some Diet Coke & Coke Zero)
  • I say YES to my boys...who are truly my heart!
  • Yes to kisses, hugs, and experiencing the joy of the day through the eyes of my babes!
  • YES to decorating for SPRING---which makes my heart happy!
  • YES to daffoldil buds blooming and bursting with the reminders of the renewals of spring!
  • I say YES to a little self-care somewhere in the week!
  • YES to getting organized...a little better each week
  • YES to honesty and not beating myself up for sometimes just not having it all together!
  • YES to putting the past 2 weeks behind me and being the best version of myself---flaws & all!
  • YES! YES! YES!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Cookie Pops

 This year I made cookie pops for Noah's Valentine's Parties at his preschool.  All the kids had their initial on their cookie pop & it was a big hit! DELICIOUS & FUN!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Party #2 at OTA

Happy Valentine's Day! Noah & I celebrated Valentine's Party #2 today at Oak Tree! This Mama has been BUSY baking and getting goodies ready for his friends! The cookie pops were a BIG hit, and it means so much to me to be there for all Noah's "school" events. 
Happy Heart Day to the red-head that stole my heart from the minute he was born!
Mommy loves you!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Party #1 at Oak Tree Academy

Since Noah is enrolled in Monday-Friday preschool, we had the pleasure of having TWO Valentine's Day parties! My Noah loves to party, so we baked TWO sets of cookie pops, delivered TWO sets of Valentine's goodie bags for our friends, & had TWO times the fun!
Noah was SO adorable when he was handing out his Valentines to his friends; just pure innocence. In his sweetest voice, he went one-by-one to his friends, and was so happy GIVING the Valentines. "Happy Valentine's Day, Reese..." an to all his friends, he gently stated. Preciousness!  I'm so thankful I took time out of my dad to be a part of his party.
I love being part of Noah's "school" activities.  All the kids know "Noah's Mom," and as soon as they see me, they tap Noah to let him know his Mommy is at his school.  Noah's face lights up and all the late-night cookie baking pays off with one bright-eyed smile from my favorite red-head!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Noah's Valentine Pictures 2012

 My red-headed sweet tart Valentine, Noah!
Valentine Pictures 2012
I love my oldest son BIG!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Noah's 4th Birthday Phone Both Fun


I made this telephone booth from Noah's super slide box.  It's supposed to be a telephone booth, but I never got the actual telephone booth sign on it! Oh well! Such is life! The kids were so crazy for the slide and bounce house---they didn't even care about my craft! But my sisters, myself, and my dad had a blast!!! Clearly, in this family...we're not afraid of having a little FUN!