Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Swim Night

Tonight the whole family got into the pool. It was a warm 84 degrees and perfect weather to take a dip. Daddy got Noah this new little floatie and Noah had fun taking rides. He sure LOVES his Daddy!
Nothing but a happy, happy boy!
I just love this smile!
Daddy & Noah kisses

Parks, & Museums, & Bears...Oh My!

The afternoons are getting so hot, and the sun is so damaging to Noah's porcelain skin, so I decided to get most of our outdoor activities done early this morning. By 8:45 Noah & I were at the Brookshires Wildlife Park & Museum. The fun began. He steered like a great captain...
Was brave....climbed all the way up to the big kids' slide...

Got on the fire truck for the 1st time...

And drove it like a pro...
Then went to the Wildlife Museum where we saw lions, tigers, & bears...oh my!!!

I spoke with a park worker, & got a head's up that 150 kids from Bell Elementary would be arriving at 9:30, so we got in the car JUST as the school buses drove up.
We went to Wal-Mart & got some deals on beach towels($4) & shirts for Noah ($1. 50!)
We even got a special new train show, as Noah is really getting into trains. Oh yeah, I bought him chocolate, too. Like his Mama, Noah loves chocolate. This morning, he kept saying, "Chocol." That's how Noah says chocolate. He kept on and on. Well, in a rare event, I ran out, so we picked up some more chocolate at Wal-Mart, too!
As if that wasn't enough, we went to Sonic & got some food. Then I noticed quite a find---Sonic's playground! It's safe, closed in, and really quite nice. There's shade for the parents, and NO ONE was there...no school buses full of big kids, no emotionally disturbed bullies-in-training, no riff raff. Just me & my Noah. Unfortunately, my camera battery was depleted, so I have no pics, but I highly recommend that playground.
After we got hot, we headed home & watched our new Thomas the Train show & BOTH napped! What a great morning!! I love just spending time with my favorite guy!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alice & her baby froggies

It's often in the moments you can't plan that bring the greatest joy. For instance, while Alice, Rebekah, & I were waiting for the boys to return from the paddleboat trip, we found several tiny, baby frogs. Alice was just fascinated with these little frogs. But it meant keeping our eyes open to seeing the beauty in the little things. I just love these pictures. In this pic, Rebekah is holding the baby frog, and Alice's hand is touching Rebekah's.
Alice holding the baby frog in her hand. Look how tiny!

Alice was gentle when she touched the baby frog. How sweet it was to see her care for the animals of the earth.

Black & Whites

Every now and then, I just prefer a photo in black & white. Here's a few black & whites from our weekend with the Carliles. Sam, Noah, & Michael going out in the lake for a paddleboat ride.
Michael, Noah, Sam, Rebekah, & Alice riding in the paddleboat.

Michael & Noah enjoying father & son time, fishing.

Uncle Bryyyyyy & Noah fishing.

Noah & Sam getting ready for their paddleboat ride. Sam was such a trooper!

Paddleboat Cuties

Michael took the kids out for a ride on our neighbor's paddleboat. Last year, Noah was pretty wiggly on the boat, but this year he couldn't get enough. Whenever Michael asked Noah if he was ready to get out, Noah said, "Boat." They all looked so cute paddling through the lake. Noah & Sam getting ready to go!
Daddy, Noah, & Sam took the 1st ride. What a crew.

Then they came back and picked up Alice & Rebekah.

Fishing Fun

It's a tradition to go fishing when Uncle Bryyyyyy & family come to visit. Michael caught 3 fish today. The kids thought it was great. It's just so cute to see them all together with their poles, gathered around the lake. It makes me very nostalgic for simpler days gone by. Noah "fishing." There's actually no hook on this pole, which was a good thing!
I love this picture of Lucas fishing by the lake.

Michael, Noah, & Bryyyyy trying to catch the big one.

The 1st catch of the day! All the kids gathered around to check it out!

Michael caught another fish & Alice came up to him and said, "Is it real?" I love it.

Swimming with the Carliles

I couldn't decide on just a few of my favorite swimming with the Carliles pics, so there's more than usual. But we had more than the usual fun, so it's fitting. This is actually a fishing bait that the kids were playing with. As you can see, Noah didn't quite know what to think of this fish. Of course, later, he took the fish everywhere with him.
I LOVE this pic of Rebekah & Alice. It just shows the pure essence of their sweet Mother/Daughter relationship.

Another great moment..."Family Hug" time. Rebekah and her 3 kiddos (Alice, Luke, & Sam) all gathered together for a group family hug. Sooooo sweet.

Aunt Rebekah & Noah swimming together.

Bryyyyyyyyy & Alice splash Noah's feet.

Noah & Alice play

Noah & his favorite Uncle, BRYYYYYYYYYYYY, throwing balls & whatever else Noah could get his hands on.
A group of catch with the soccer beach ball.
Noah & Alice playing with the fishing bait. It turned out to be quite a hit.

Presents from the Carliles

Michael's sister, Rebekah, and their family came to visit this weekend and it went by too quickly. They weren't able to make it to Noah's birthday party because they had another obligation, but they brought Noah birthday presents today. And he LOVED it all! Aunt Rebekah knows how to pick the greatest gifts! What I love most about these pictures are the precious expressions on the faces of the sweet family giving them. It's clear to see how much they love Noah, and that makes me so happy.
Noah got an awesome puzzle, a cool book, a new DVD and...

This foot rocket. You stomp the pump and the rocket blasts into air!

Check out Noah in action! Look at that rocket fly!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Swimming with Sarah

Sarah came to spend the day with us, and we spent a LONG time in the pool. It was Noah's 1st time this season in his little floatie outfit. It was SUCH a sigh of relief that he'd wear the outfit because he wouldn't last year, and swimming wasn't easy. As you can see from the pics, a LOT of fun was had! Noah's 1st time on the step by the rock fountain by himself. He handled it beautifully.
Noah started with a game where he'd throw a toy airplane into the pool and Sarah would go get it. I eventually got the net out!

Splish splash

If you look closely, you can see a small red airplane flying over Sarah's head, as Noah launched another plane into the pool.

Cuteness in his new swim suit.

Noah's first time all the way in the water. Sarah was helping him swim.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Wrap-Up

This weekend quickly came to an end, and we are DEFINITELY not rested, but we did get a lot done. We finished up the flower bed we started yesterday and planted 3 Climbing Iceberg roses along the fence. Noah & I played outside a lot so that Michael could mow, weed eat, etc. He has been a yard boy all weekend, bless his heart. Once he gets started, though, he's unstoppable. Noah found a great game in the pool where he dipped the top part of his head in the water. He laughed hysterically. So did I. I sat there watching my son giggle with not a care in the world, and I thought of sweet Helen...how she loved Noah so. I brought Noah to Hospice this week and it was Helen's last good moments. He kissed her over and over and she just loved on him right back. What a blessing those kisses were...for all of us.
Seeing Noah smile is the best therapy I could've asked for today.
Dipping his head in the water

Ta Daaaaa!

Michael took a break to take Noah on a tractor ride. Every day, they take a ride on the tractor through the neighborhood, around the lake. I met a new neighbor across the lake yesterday, and she said, "Oh, there's the little red-headed boy that rides the tractor." How funny.

This bed is so long; it's hard to get a good picture. It may not look like much now, but in a year or 2, it'll be full. Digging in the dirt, pulling weeds, and planting new life was also quite therapeutic today.