Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Special Gifts- Hand & Footprints I Heart

This Christmas season, I used the boys' hand prints to make a Christmas tree on a 16x20 canvas.  (Pinterest, not my bright idea.) I loved it so much, I sneakily used Matthew & Nick's hands to make one for Susie on Christmas Eve. She liked hers so much, we decided to make one for Denise & Grampa, too. Grampa's canvas had the hand prints of ALL his grandkids on it! When I gave it to him, the paint was literally still wet...but he loved it.

3 blank canvases=$15
Red, Green, Yellow, & Brown Paint= $10
Having your children & grandchildren's hand prints forever=PRICELESS!

We also made some special plates at Pottery Cafe using the boys' hand and footprints as well as mine & Michael's hand prints. We'll have these forever, and I can't think of a more wonderful gift than these forever-captured moments of our perfect little family.  Every year, it'll now be tradition to get out these special plates that we made together this Christmas of 2011. Don't you just LOVE making memories?!?!?

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