Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy 39th Birthday Mommy!

Happy 39th Birthday Mommy!
Michael & I picked up birthday cake and cupcakes onthe way home from New Orleans, and had a birthday party for Mommy with all her boys Sunday night. What a fun time! The boys were so excited to have us both home, and the fact that we brought an instant party made it all the more awesome! When trying to light the candles on my cake, Jax got up and blew them out! We all laughed...so he did it again!!! And again! It was a miracle that we "all" finally blew out the candles on the cake together. Jackson is quick! When Noah asked me how old I was on my birthday, I told him, "39." He said, "Wow, Mommy.  You're getting old!" 
Ha ha. I own my number, Noah! And my birthday couldn't have been more fabulous!

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