Monday, April 15, 2013

Surprise Visit to New Orleans

Michael called me Friday and asked me to pack my bags, because he was taking me on a surprise trip to New Orleans to celebrate my birthday/our upcoming anniversary.  Of course I was surprised! He had all the childcare lined up, so Friday night we arrived to New Orleans late and stayed in a beautiful hotel in The Big Easy.  I actually SLEPT until 9:30 the following morning, which I rarely am able to do! As luck would have it, we arrived during the French Quarter Festival, which is a large, free music festival.  We ate at Cafe Du Monde, Emeril's, and had the best food ever! I'm going to be lucky if my pants fit this week after that carb-a-thon! I love the whole vibe of the city...from the music to the street performers.  There was even a fireworks show overlooking the river on my birthday. How cool is that? Fireworks on my birthday! Pretty special! This trip was exactly what I needed! THANK YOU Michael!

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  1. Way to go, Michael....good job! And happy bday and anniversary, B! Xoxo