Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy 15th Anniversary Michael & Brenda

Our bed filled with 15 balloons & 15 pictures

1st Anniversary in New Orleans (Also where we spent our 15th Anniversary)

3rd year of New Orleans again!

Fourth Year- Easter

Year 9- Very pregnant with Noah

Year 10- The year Noah joined our family
In honor of our 15th wedding anniversary, I got 15 heart-shaped balloons and then found 15 from each year of our marriage.  I tied the pictures along with the year and number of years married to each balloon. On separate sheets of paper, I compiled a short list of memories from each year.  Noah got each balloon, brought it to Daddy, and then had Daddy read to him the events of the year.  It was a special way to reminisce, look back on our history, and teach the boys a little about the history of our family.  (And of course they loved the balloons!)
Year 15! Our beautiful family of four! Happy 15th Anniversary!

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