Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My heart is full

I am blessed each week to participate in a therapy group for mothers in recovery.  I can honestly say that these group of phenomenal women teach me far more than I could ever teach them.  They have survived countless traumas, addictions, and have endured more heartache in their young lives than I could ever imagine in a lifetime.  They inspire me, fill me up, challenge me, and move my spirit.  It is truly God's work, and I am happy to bear witness to the beautiful difference that God and healing has made in their lives.  These women inspire me.  Tonight, as group started, I was happy to see that one of my long past group members (and current best friends) joined me for group. Courtney has amazed me since the moment we first spoke on the phone. I don't think I'll ever forget that first phone conversation.  I knew she was something special, and boy was I right! The ladies from my group brought me a birthday card that they had all signed, and they were so thoughtful in their messages.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Courtney also brought me some thoughtful as always----and although I don't have a picture of are some of them.  Devotion books for mothers---perfect. What mother doesn't need to slow down and have her cup filled? I know this mother does!   Courtney also gave me a plaque which read, "So many people come into our lives then leave the way they came.  But there are those precious few who touch our hearts so deeply we will never be the same."  I read the words, and looked up, my eyes finding hers.  Tears filled both of our eyes. She whispered, "That's my favorite. That's what you've done for me." 

I am beyond blessed and deeply humbled to have even a moment with these incredible ladies!
As I am an untraditional kind of gal...I don't always open a book to the first page. I just opened my devotion book up, and the page I landed on read,

"It's not what your have but what you give that touches another's life."
INDEED! My heart is full. 

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