Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love is a verb; crayon edition

I've said for years, "Love is a verb." Love is an action word. So, today's example comes from my dear friend, Courtney. This lady works SO hard as full time single mother that's ALSO going to school as well as volunteering for our Drug Court program. She is something. So, she sent me a text today asking me if my kids liked to color. Of course they do! Then she sent me these pictures:

Yes, folks....the one day off my sweet friend has...she spent making heart-shaped crayons for my kids!
Seriously?! Yes. I couldn't make this up! I'm humbled by the friendships that God has hand-picked from his angel tree & placed into my life.
Love is indeed a verb----as so colorfully demonstrated by my dear friend, Courtney.

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