Thursday, June 30, 2011

Special Visit to Terence's Fire Station #9

Our buddy, Terance, invited us to Fire Station #9 for a special tour of his fire truck tonight! Terence brought his fire truck to Noah's 3rd birthday party as a surprise, and Noah had a freak accident and fell out of the truck and hit his head on the curb. He was fine but every time I talk to Terence, he tells me how terrible he felt about the incident. So, we took him up on his special offer to come visit he and Wes Malcom at the fire station. At first when we asked Noah if he wanted to get in the truck, he said, "No thank you," and walked off. But, then he warmed out and realized it was pretty cool! They just don't do stuff like this every day! It was great to see Wes and visit with him. He lost his wife to breast cancer 2 years ago this month, and he and I have been close throughout his journey. He recently wed, and we talked about his journey. Wes' late wife, Tonya, was the reason that the Pink Fire Trucks and Turn Tyler Pink came about. It's pretty cool to see that out of trememdous pain, positive things happen. It was just a special time to visit and catch up. The perfect way to end the month of June...on a POSITIVE NOTE!

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