Saturday, June 11, 2011

Elizabeth's 40 & Fabulous Birthday Party

I gave Elizabeth a surprise 40th birthday party. She figured out the surprise part, and actually DIDN'T want to have it! Seriously?!? At this point, clearly, she didn't know I actually scrapbooked for her...and that I had to plan it while I was in Michigan, at night. That's a whole other story that I'll leave out lol. But long story short, the SURPRISE was that she actually had FUN! We had the greatest time. I made a Shutterfly book that had 40 things I loved about her. I included in the book pictures that her mom sent me from when she was a baby/growing up. I also had her mother and her kids make a list of 40 things they loved about her. We had bar-b-que outside, margaritas, and fabulous fun just with our close family/friends. The kids swam and Jackson was so wore out that he fell asleep on Elizabeth's father's shoulder outside. It was so cute. Everyone loves a sleeping baby. Perfect. Happy birthday to my 40 & Fabulous best girl, Elizabeth! Love you!

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