Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grampa & Oma's momentos from Grandma Kreger's Farm

Today, Jackson & I traveled to Brownsboro to my Dad's house to go through some of the many items that he lovingly and painstakingly brought back from Michigan. The short story is that my dad spent several WEEKS in Michigan going through my late maternal grandmother's home so that my sisters and I would have some momento of our grandmother. We were supposed to be willed some of my grandmother's land that was supposed to have been given to my mother, but one of my aunts basically gifted her children land and made any land we were to get worthless. I could have cared less about the land, but a bunch of shady stuff came out that my aunt did, and to do this to my mother...HER CLOSEST SISTER, felt very dirty and malicious. Nevermind the fact that my grandmother had no idea about what happened to her land or finances. So there's the history. What IS important is as follows:
Dearest NOAH & JACKSON----What YOU need to know from this experience is the following: Your Grampa loved your Grandma Rogers (my mom), me, your Aunt Susie, Aunt Denise...and YOU & your cousins...SO MUCH...that he stayed in Michigan...even after he found out that your great aunt made lots of dishonest choices...because he loves us THAT MUCH! He stayed in an un-airconditioned house for 2 weeks and made sure that we at least received special momentos from Grandma Kreger's an old butter churn, white gloves, and her china cabinet. Your Grandma Rogers (Marie) mentioned before that the china cabinet was special to her, so it was special that it got to stay in our family. That wouldn't have happened if Grampa didn't stay. He and Oma bought a special scanner, and Oma spent HOURS & HOURS sifting through almost 100 years of old pictures, documents, and letters. We never would have these treasures...if not for your Grampa and Oma. Grampa even found an old newspaper clipping that featured my mom (Grandma Rogers-Marie) because she hand-made her own wedding dress. Grampa and Oma had to buy a U-Haul to bring all this home, and they did it all out of love. THAT, my sons, is LOVE. If you've ever read any of my writing, you've no doubt read, "LOVE IS A VERB." Isn't that true? Wasn't that the most loving act? My eyes fill with tears now as I feel eternally grateful to have been raised by such a wonderful father. And I am also thankful that Oma is here for all of us. She loves you very much, too!
What matters most is the LOVE & MEMORIES that we make as a family. And for each memory with you, I am surely the richest woman in the world.


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