Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Michigan Milk Saga & Shipping Story---A classic

This is a story only a few people could appreciate...but a true story nonetheless. When I went to Michigan to help with Grandma Kreger, I had to pump in order to keep up my milk supply for Jackson. Plus, Michael told me that they would run out of milk before I returned home, so we had several issues to address. The 1st issue was what in the heck was I supposed to do during the 8 hours of travel to Michigan...including layover. The answer? A manual, hand-held pump. Yuck. So, do you want to know how much I love my Jackson? I hand-pumped him milk in the public restroom during my layover at the Houston airport. Seriously. And I was concerned about keeping it cold, so I got a cup of ice at Starbucks and then proceeded to pack it in my Starbucks cup and put it in my carry-on bag. I then did the same thing AGAIN in the Detroit Airport bathroom. Classy, huh? THEN, a couple days later, I needed to send milk to Jackson. So I discovered how to FED-EX milk from Michigan to Texas...dry ice and the tune of about $200. Bargain, huh? Not exactly. THEN the saga of taking the milk home began! What to do? I had so much breast milk that I literally didn't have any room for any of my clothes or toiletries in my carry-on bag, so I left that with my dad, who brought it all back to Texas. I then filled my entire duffle bag with dry ice and bags of milk! The poor airport security men were a little scared when I declared my milk and the cloud of dry ice fog filled the air when they opened the bag! But, they sent me right on through with no problem. And our milk arrived safely in Texas! Oh, what this Mommy does for her boys. Jackson, one day I hope you appreciate this! Your Mommy loves you lots to go through all of this for you!!! But, you're worth it.

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