Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jackson bathing in the kitchen sink

One way that Jackson has been different from Noah as a baby is that Jackson has not liked water very much...until now. Noah pretty much liked water soon after those first few baths as an infant were over. Jackson did o.k. with baths until one day when I think it was the perfect storm of over-tiredness, overstimulation (Noah was in the tub), and warmer water...and Jackson just freaked out. He started screaming like he was in pain. Michael checked the water and it wasn't too warm...warmer than usual, but definitely o.k. for a baby's bath. From that point on, Jackson cried when we took him into Noah's bath. I recently changed it up by putting him in the kitchen sink (as pictured) or my bathroom sink. No trauma there, thank goodness! So, now, my sweet baby boy likes water again...even likes swimming in the pool. I keep waiting for his first tooth to appear! He puts just about anything he can (except a paci) in his mouth right now. That's another difference in my boys. Noah was a paci boy from the start! Not Jackson. But they both love the teething tablets, which is good for Mama! It's so interesting to see how different they are and the ways they are so similar. I love the individuality of both my boys. Immensely.

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