Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011~ Our 1st Father's Day as a family of FOUR!
The kids and I made these fun decorations that said, "#1 Pop," and decorated the breakfast table for Daddy. We even put decorations on Daddy's beer, which Noah calls, "Daddy water." Noah and Jackson decorated cards with their hands & feet, and we had a little party when Daddy got up this morning. Noah was so cute. When Michael came downstairs, Noah said, "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" Noah's special gift to Daddy was a book that recorded Noah's voice answering different questions about he & Daddy. It was very sweet. I must say, I know that I am really blessed to have Michael as the father of my children. He is HANDS ON. He would do anything for our boys, and has given them the best gift ever...with his presence. Happy Daddy's Day!

On a sidebar amazing father is STILL in Michigan. He has been there for over two weeks...He has been lovingly staying in Michigan, and going through my Grandma Kreger's home, scanning pictures and bringing home momentos for us. It has NOT been good circumstances to say the least. But I want my boys to one day know that their Grampa Rogers gave SO much of his that they could one day see pictures of their Grandma Rogers, and Grampa & Grandma Kreger. He is a man of so much integrity, faith, and love. I personally, couldn't wait to get out of Michigan. But my dad staying there was a gift. There are no words to explain how humbled and blessed I am to have him for a father. He is my hero...a TRUE role model for my Noah & Jackson.

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