Saturday, June 18, 2011

4th of July Pics taken today

Today we met Rose Bailey out in Edom for some 4th of July pictures. The pictures of Jackson will also serve as his 7 months pics, as I have thus far been able to get pics of him every month so far. My goal is to do that for a full year! Rose posted these 3 preview pictures today on Facebook...which is pretty unheard of. She's never posted 3 pics from the same family before, and I must say, it made my day to see these two little firecrackers online. But, my kids were SO good & they are SO cute!! Not that I'm biased;) I actually got a phone call from my favorite photographer at Motophoto today. She was wanting to know why I haven't brought the boys in for pictures. The pics above say it all. I love the outdoor pics, and I love being able to get the pictures on a CD. So, thanks again, sweet Rose Bailey...memory maker. And thank you, God, for these two precious boys...who are the lights of my heart. Mommy loves you both.

Here are my cuties! Jackson at 7 months old & Noah at 3 years, 4 months old.


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