Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mommy & Noah at Noah's 6th Birthday

Mommy & Noah at Noah's 6th Birthday Party

Noah's 6th Birthday Party- February 8, 2014

Noah loves all things Legos this year, so we clearly had a lego party! I cannot TELL YOU how many lego pieces, candies, suckers, cookies, banners, crafting supplies etc., were scattered about the house trying to prepare for Noah's big day.  I must say, it was a GREAT party! There's absolutely nothing like celebrating the day your first-born officially made his entrance into your arms.  Noah, you have always been---and always will be---joy personified.  I love your spirit, your heart, your compassion, the way you try new things.  I love how you love...deeply and without reservation. I love you with my whole heart!
Happy 6th Birthday!

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