Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mommy's Gator Boy, Noah

 Noah loves watching the show "Gator Boys" on Animal Planet. Basically, these guys hand-catch alligators, and wrestle them through the mud and more to safely rescue the gators.  Noah decided to play "Gator Boys" today, and began digging all the dirt out of my (once) flower beds using the shovel. He dug a pretty big hole...well up to his knees...searching for gators. "I gotta catch that gator, Mama."  It began raining; not cold rain, as it was warm outside.  Rather than scold at Noah, I ran and got my camera to catch these PRICELSS pictures of my little Gator Boy jumping into his gator pit!! Are these pictures not awesome?!? What I really that Noah takes something that most people would see as a bad thing...mud and rain...and turned it into a fun time.
I love my Gator Boy so much!

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