Friday, May 31, 2013

Noah's last day of preschool!

Noah Michael McBride (5)
Last Day of Preschool
May 31, 2013

Noah's Last Day of Preschool-

My Darling Noah,
Today as I dropped you off for your last day of preschool, I was overwhelmed with emotions! I am so very proud of the person that you are becoming.  You have a kindness and sensitivity to others that makes my heart so happy.  You love everyone. And do you know what, my darling? Everyone loves YOU! Your enthusiasm and zest for life, that contagious smile, that beautiful red attract people and attention to yourself so naturally...without trying.  You are like a magnet---people are drawn to you.  And you LOVE My how you love! You are accepting of all people and have such a compassionate heart for others; particularly others that are hurting.  You are happiness personified. I'm so honored and humbled to be your Mommy; to watch you grow as a person is such a blessing for me.  Enjoy each day! Enjoy the journey! Sure, you will stumble and fall. Sure, you'll make mistakes. We all do.  But it is all part of God's master plan to develop you into the person He knows you are going to be-----someone who already is....and is destined to be....
I love you my darling!
Kindergarten here you come!
Love & blessings,

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