Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy 41st Birthday Daddy

My boys...Happy Birthday Daddy

Today we celebrated Daddy's 41st birthday! Paw Paw came over and helped us celebrate Daddy's birthday.  We ate Daddy's favorite...Brookshire's Cake...and played. I had Noah answer 41 questions about Daddy, and we gave that to him for his surprise.  Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!

41 Questions Answered by Noah (Age 5)

for Daddy’s 41st Birthday- May 6, 2013


1.    How old is Daddy on this birthday? “He’s 41 years old. That’s old.”

2.    What present does Daddy want for his birthday? “He wants to go to a hotel with you.”

3.    What present that we can wrap do you think Daddy would like? “A new Bevo hat or a new Bevo shirt.  He likes Bevo.”

4.    What does Daddy do for his work? “He pays money for us.”

5.    What does Daddy like to do for fun? “He likes to play Candyland with me.”

6.    What else does Daddy like to do for fun? “Play puzzles with me, ball with me, build stuff…like a tree house.”

7.    What’s Daddy’s favorite color? “Red, yellow, blue, green; the colors of Candyland.”

8.    What’s Daddy’s favorite drink? “Daddy water and coke.”

9.    What is Daddy’s favorite food? “Slop.”

10. What do you love about Daddy? “Playing with him.”

11. What makes Daddy happy? “Walking around the lake with me and you and Jackson; our family.”

12. Who is Daddy’s favorite friend? “Me.”

13. Where does Daddy go every day? “He goes to work, so he can pay money for us.”

14. What is Daddy’s favorite tv show? “Colors.”

15. Does Daddy get enough sleep? “Nope. I mean, yes.  Sometimes he gets up early because he’s thirsty for some Daddy coke or Daddy water.”

16. What does Daddy do in the morning? “He makes me buttered biscuits.  We make them together; but not Jackson, because Jackson isn’t 5 years old.”

17. How tall is Daddy? “T-H-I-S tall!” (he stretches his arms as wide as he can)

18. Is Daddy strong? “Yes, like T-H-I-S strong! He can lift a tree house.  I think he can lift the ground or the house.”

19. What does Daddy do that is funny? “He makes silly faces.”

20. What makes you proud of Daddy? “Games he plays with me.”

21. What is your Daddy good at? “Playing puzzles and playing games.”

22. How are you and Daddy the same? “We have 2 arms, 2 legs, one head, and we have 2 eyes.”

23. How are you and Daddy different? “Because I’m shorter. Well, Daddy is taller than me.”

24. What does Daddy love most about Mommy? “Giving you hugs.”

25. What did Daddy like to do when he was a kid? “Play golf; uh, well, he loved to play puzzles and I am good at puzzles.”

26. What do you and Daddy do together? “Well, we play Candyland and lots of puzzles and everything else. Sometimes we do our work outside. Sometimes we get out weeds and get the worms and snakes.”

27. What does Daddy teach you? “Oh, he teaches me to get snakes.”

28. If you could get Daddy any present in the world for his birthday, what would you get him? “A Bevo hat.” Anything else? “A Bevo shirt.”

29. How does Daddy make you laugh? “Like when he hits on the swing and I whack the balls.”

30. What is something Daddy always says? “Stop being so grumpy.”

31. When you grow up, do you want to be like Daddy? “Yeah.”

32. Why? “Because I love him.”

33. If Daddy was a superhero, which one would he be? “Spiderman.” Why? “Because he shoots webs and that’s cool.”

34. If Daddy could go anywhere in the world, where would he go? “To the airport to go to the mountains; or to China; or to the beach.”

35. Where did Daddy live when he was a little boy? “Uh, in Texas.” Do you know where in Texas? “Oh, he lived in South America.”

36. Who is Daddy’s Daddy? “Me. He has me and Jackson; two boys; and one girl, you.”

37. Who is Daddy’s Mommy? “You; I mean Grammie.”

38. Who is Daddy’s sister? “You.”

39. Does Daddy have a brother? “Me and Jackson. I guess Daddy has 2 brothers.”

40. How do you show Daddy you love him? “Because we eat smores together; also by giving him hugs and kisses.”

41. How does Daddy show you that he loves you? “With his heart.”


41 Questions asked by Mommy & answered by Noah on Daddy’s 41st Birthday

Happy Birthday! We love you!!!

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  1. ok this MADE.OF.AWESOME. I am totally stealing this idea for Dan's bday this year!! Fabulous!! And happy bday, Michael, you Bevo-loving snake and worm wrangler!! :)