Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Komen's 15th Anniversary Party

I found some free pink printables that I was able to cut out and put on the tables. "We are fortunate to have your support."  Love is in the details.

Notice these frames?  Yes...half my house was brought in for the party.

How much fun are we? And HOW awesome is Michael sporting all that pink? 

I had these double-sided frames that we used to display 15 years of pictures and messages of hope.  We received so much positive feedback on all the personal touches. 

Courtesy of Village Bakery----I ate 5. SERIOUSLY.

Just before this year's Komen race, Komen hosted a 15th anniversary party celebrating 15 years of Komen in Tyler.  I wish I was one of those people that was able to just not be involved in the details...but I just can't help myself; particularly when my name is associated with an event. The wonderful lady in charge of our party (Sherry) and I got together before the party and decided we needed more special touches. So she ended up coming to my house to see what I had. I had all kinds of frames, candles, vases, photo booth & props, printables, etc. that I gathered up to see what we might want to use. Everything turned out great. It was SO much work---oh my goodness! But love is in the details. I'm not one for shmoozy all. So all I can say is thank GOD for my husband, Michael.  I was asked to speak (and thought that I wouldn't be) so I shared a bit about my mother's story and my journey to Komen.  It was SO comforting to see Michael's face in the crowd, knowing he's my soft place to fall. So many people came up to me during the party and told me how much they appreciated me sharing my mother's story.  Happy 15th, Komen!

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