Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"I'll couple you, Mama."

Noah had a rough day at school the last couple of days.  Sigh.  That's such a hard one for me.  It's hard for me to juggle that balance between giving him consistent consequences but at the same time letting him know that I love him forever, despite his mistakes.  I want to always be a soft place for my boys to fall.  So, as he went to bed early tonight, after I reminded Noah that I love him ALWAYS... even when he makes bad choices... we gave our kisses and hugs.  As I lay in the bed beside my sweet son, he gently rested his arm across my tummy, grabbed my hand and said, "I couple you, Mama."  (For those of you that aren't familiar with Thomas the Train...when the trains "couple up," they are joined and connected together.  So for Noah to say, "I couple you," it's a way of saying, "We are connected...even on tough days.")  With his gentle touch and sweet words, the stress of the day melted away.  I reached my arm across his tummy, grabbed his precious hands, and replied, "I couple you too, Noah."  My sweet son fell asleep in my arms..."coupled up."  After I knew my darling Noah was sound asleep, I quietly snuck back into his room and snapped this  picture with my phone.  I may have physically left the presence of your bed, sweet Noah...but you and Mommy will ALWAYS be coupled up.  Mommy loves you, dear one.  THESE are the moments to remember.

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