Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saying YES!

  • Our castle has had our share of speed bumps this summer...lots of transitions for Noah & Jackson with Noah chaging to Oak Hill Montessori School and Jackson's difficult transition to Montessori School (still in process!)  My other speed bump has been this computer.  We had the Suddenlink worker come to our house and "fix," some problems, and in the process, one guy ended up not ony messing up our connection, but completely disconnecting my neighbors' connection as well! I think the guy gave up, sent another guy...anyway, my computer won't upload pictures to my blog now. Yes, you read that right.  It'll upload pix to anything else: Shutterfly, Facebook, whatever.  Things all seem to break at once, don't they?  So, I update my blog either by taking my computer to a place with WI FII or uploading from my phone.  Complicated is the norm these days, but we ARE working on solutions! On that note, I am painfully aware that I have been lapse at Saying YES!!! Although it is almost Friday, I can still say YES! Wouldn't it be great if we stopped overanalyzing all that isn't working and said YES to all the GOOD that God is doing in our lives?  This week I'm saying YES to...

  • Holding my boys, looking them in their eyes...and reminding them they are my loves.

  • I say YES to appreciating my amazing husband.  I hurt my neck & am awaiting possible MRI (trying to avoid) so he has been a great deal of help with being Super Dad!

  • I say YES to getting pictures of my dad who is visiting family in Michigan.  My dad has to be the single-most amazing man in the world.  His spirit is incredible.  And every day that I work with those in trauma, I realize the abundance of God's grace in giving me the father I have. 

  • I say YES to getting caught up on reports!

  • YES to streamlining and plans for staying caught up and getting help where I need it!

  • I say YES to advocating for my clients, their children...for those victims that have lost their voice.

  • Yes to Big Red Zero...seriously good stuff!

  • I say YES to connecting with my wonderful Drug Court ladies in group! There is nothing more powerful than connecting with them and seeing them change their lives and the lives of their children.

  • I say YES to lunch on Friday with my dear brother, Winn & my sweet friend Tiffani. YES to surrounding myself with those that fill my heart with JOY!

  • I say YES to breath.  Yes to being present.

  • YES to Grace, a free gift God has given us.

  • I say YES to playing trains, hide-n-seek, and playing kiss monster and tickle monster.

  • YES to 3 way texting my dad & 2 sisters as they vacation as a way to stay connected.

  • I say YES to Noah's sweet freckles, Jackson's growing smile, and the JOY that comes from my boys.

  • Yes to Show-N-Tell at Oak Hill with Noah...YES to special Mommy & Son Time.

  • I say YES to Progress, Not Perfection.

  • Yes to gratitude, smiles, and authenticity.

  • YES! YES! YES!

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