Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Mommy- 38

Happy 38th birthday Mommy! The funniest part of my birthday was when Noah was talking with me about what a "big, big time," we were going to have for my happy birthday.  He said (in his oh-so-Noah voice of enthusiasm) "We're going to have a birthday cake, and prizes, and decorations, and a party...and the workers will come."  I was following everything until the "and the workers will come" line.  I asked what he meant about the workers coming.  He said, "For your bounce house and slide, Mommy.  It's your birthday. The workers have to come to put up your bounce house and slide for your party!" Oh Noah...I love how your mind works! I love that you have had such a grande childhood...that we've been able to afford a bounce house and slide for your parties.  I love that you know that we have traditions in our singing, "God's blessings to you." I am so thankful to celebrate another year.  Life is good. God is good. And cake from Village Bakery...Oh, so good!

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