Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saying Yes

Life is all about choices.  Sometimes, we need to re-evaluate our behaviors and our choices, and make different decisions in order to achieve our desires.  If our desires are to be happy, this is a constant process of re-evaluating and self-discovery.  These last couple weeks have been challenging but beneficial.  I found myself increasingly disheartened by some of the behaviors of some of my peers as of late.  As I found myself complaining, I realized that I needed to take responsibility for MY role in their behavior. We teach people how to treat us.  If I allow others to take me for granted and walk all over me, it's teaching them that it's acceptable.  If I keep doing more, they will keep expecting that from me.  Guess what folks? Life isn't about doing more for others. It's about being happy.  I'm happy to work hard to help others, but not to the extent that it hurts myself or my family.  So, I decided to make some different choices...have tough conversations...set some healthy boundaries.  And it was in the best interest of myself and my family. I'm happy to report that although it was not easy...and I might not have scored popularity points with those peers, it was successful.  My heart is at ease knowing I assertively addressed the issues.  Even for someone like me...who has good self esteem...it is still hard to say, "Look, I'm worth more than that!"  But I did it and it made a huge difference in my happiness immediately. Go Team Backbone!  On that note, I haven't had a "Saying Yes" post in a while because I've had to SAY NO to some people and things in this process of boundary setting.  Having said that, this week I'm saying YES to...
  • My family...my husband...my 2 loves...Noah & Jackson
  • YES to teaching others how to treat me.
  • YES to making the RIGHT choice rather than the easy choice.
  • YES to my health.
  • I say YES to relief.
  • A Big Yes to turning 38!
  • YES to great friends and to a couple newer friends in particular---Tiffani & Kourtni from the DA's office. They have been a soft place to fall and a source of strength:)
  • YES to losing 2 pounds since I started saying NO because it was literally weighing on me!
  • YES to sunshiny spring days and digging in the dirt.
  • YES to POSITIVE ENERGY and dancing it out!
  • YES to authenticity.
  • YES to grace, a free gift that God gives us.
  • I say YES to COLOR---I was stuck in a black rut of wearing black every day.
  • YES to tickle monster, kiss monster, and monster...all games that Noah & Jackson love to play.
  • I say YES to kickboxing, running, and getting toned up!
  • YES to prioritizing.
  • YES to feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
  • YES to gratitude.
  • YES to blowing out candles and birthday cake.
  • I say YES to the smell of freshly cut grass, walks around the lake, and connecting with those that love me most. 
  • YES! YES! YES!


  1. Oh I am so happy to see a new YES post from you, my friend! And I love the new blog header pic....gorgeous family you have!

    My boss recently told me that if you continue to over perform, no one will have any incentive to give you some relief....so it is certainly a fine line indeed! Love you!