Sunday, July 31, 2011

Susie gets Jackson to eat FOOD! YAY!

Thank goodness for Susie. I've been having problems getting Jackson to eat food! He just wants to nurse, and he's almost nine months! I started trying with the baby oatmeal at the end of four months, but he just hasn't wanted any part of it. I even tried giving him fruit instead of vegetables! He literally cried when I'd try to feed him food...cry and purse his lips shut so tightly that nothing was going in! Until Susie came over. I explained my dilemma. Evidently, she had the same problem with her second baby. Ahhhh, validation! Because Noah was NOTHING like that----he ate baby oatmeal, baby food, anything right away! She said, "Oh, he just doesn't want that crap food. Have you given him the real stuff?" Huh? That's allowed? Anyway, she fed him some bread, some mandarin orange, and plenty of other stuff....and he ate it just fine! He just wanted real food! So, sure enough, I tried it! He ate food! Hooray! Thank you SUSIE!

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