Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July party 2011

This year's 4th of July party was lots of fun! It was hot, of course, but the kids had a great time swimming in the pool. Noah swam for HOURS! He LOVED swimming with the big boys---Connery, Andrew, Joseph, and Daniel. And the big boys were SO sweet to him. They watched out for him and helped him...especially Connery and Joseph. They were so sweet! They held Noah's hand and jumped in the water with him! It was so fun to watch! Noah eventually jumped in on his own. He's getting to be so big! Michael tended the bar and kept the margaritas flowing, so that's always a plus! Jackson was as sweet as ever...even without an afternoon nap. He is such a honey. Everyone enjoyed looking at his precious baby bottom rolls. He's just delicious! The kids had a pinata after swimming, so they had a good time. It was so nice having some ADULT time to visit with our friends while the kids were occupied. I really want to make a concerted effort to GET A LIFE! Sometimes I get so bogged down with working and caring for everyone else, I forget to take care of myself! Time to get back on track, Mommy!

The only bummer was that my camera battery ran out and I couldn't find my battery charger, which to me is a REALLY big deal! Veronica took pictures and said she'd get them to me, so I won't worry. Happy Birthday America!

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