Sunday, July 17, 2011

Michael's Gopher Obsession

This is very, very Caddy Shack, and ridiculous, if you ask me, but I will share nonetheless. My husband is chronically aggravated by a gopher (or gophers) that dig in our yard and leave mounds of dirt everywhere. It bothers me, but not like it bothers Michael. Michael will literally walk to the front door window every morning to see what the gophers have done the night before. There have even been times when he has stood right over their mound while they are digging up dirt...and then plunge whatever sharp object he has inside the hole...only to learn that the gopher got away. Well, his latest brilliant idea was to firecracker the gopher. Yes. You read that right. He literally stuck leftover Roman candle fireworks in the gopher hole and lit the hole up. Sparks flew. Needless to say, the gopher was only briefly amused...before he started digging up holes at twice his usual rate...almost to spite Michael. Noah said, "Daddy scared me with that loud noise." Amusing, isn't it?

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