Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dragon Dress-Up

Does this costume look familiar, Christine? It should! This is one of the many items of clothing that you generously gave to us last year. At the time, I thought that it would be several seasons before Noah could fit into Joseph's old clothes. But, my son is huge, and I've been so thankful to have Joseph's hand-me-downs! We're already wearing them! And Noah LOVED the purple dragon costume! Thank you!


  1. OMG.... after I met you and found out who Todd was giving Joseph's RAGS to, I was mortified! I am so sorry.... I would literally put bags out there for good will and come to find out he had given them to you! Good Grief! Same with the old broken toys! I really did feel bad about that...

  2. Mortified?!? NO WAY! We love any hand-me-downs we can get!!! XOXOXO