Sunday, November 9, 2014

Annemarie~ 4 weeks

 Michael took the boys to a UT football game (may the force be with him), so after Matthew's 10th birthday party, I had the most perfect girls night IN with my 4 week old princess.  She was lying so peacefully on the couch...I just snapped these pictures.  I cannot get over her beauty.  She is absolute perfection.  Listening to her breathe...watching her little lips and face move as she slept...was bliss.  I can't say I got any laundry done...because these moments were just too priceless to miss.  How I LOVE this baby girl.

Look at those lips!!! Even from the ultrasound, we could tell that she was going to have big, full, beautiful lips! I recall the ultrasound tech saying, "Please tell me you're having a girl, because those Angelina Jolie lips have to be on a pretty girl's face." They are indeed. But I don't think Angelina Jolie has anything on this little lady.

Look at this face! I love every inch.

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