Monday, July 15, 2013

Noah's T-Ball Fun

Daddy got Noah this t-ball set, and they tried it out for the first time yesterday.  We've not been those overbearing parents that try to force their kids to do a bunch of activities. Kids need to play and have fun, not be overscheduled. Having said that, Noah has been more interested in baseball. And, I must say, he is a natural born athlete. He already has the body of a beast (at only 5 years old) and has incredible balance (no doubt a trait he got from his Mama!) Well, combine those genetic blessings, and you get our Noah...who slugged the hell out of the ball right off the bat (no pun intended!) Watching Michael show Noah how to hold that bat and hit was one of those special moments. Father and son....pretty special. We sent some pictures to Paw Paw, who replied, "What a swing! Comes by it honestly! Tell him I love him." 

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