Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jax spaghetti eating

Tonight while eating his spaghetti...Jax told me...and then proceeded to show me...that his spaghetti somehow got all down in his diaper.  We took the diaper off to find that, yes, indeed---his private parts were covered in spaghetti. (That couldn't be comfortable!) So, we brushed him off...and he proceeded to eat his spaghetti standing up in his chair...in the buff! Ha ha! I love having my phone for pictures like this...even if they aren't the greatest quality. I was talking to my friend, Courtney tonight and texted her this picture. She loved it, of course. I said in my message to her, "Life can be hard, but if we can learn to appreciate the seemingly small stuff like this...we find out...it's actually the big stuff."
Big stuff, indeed.

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  1. Oh my. This is made. Of. Awesome. I love it in black and white too. Just a classic kid shot....you will cherish this one forever. Such. A cutie too. Miss you so much, my friend....any conferences in Orlando or trips planned anytime soon? Xoxoxo. (PS....to be fair, the 750 piece puzzle is a work in progress....a slow one. It may never get completed!) :)