Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy 66th Birthday Grammie!

Daddy lights Grammie's birthday candles!

I love the look on Grammie & Michael's faces in this picture. Sweetness!

Grammie liked how the bulldozer got in this picture. No, that wasn't part of the decorations, but living with these boys, trucks make it everywhere!

Happy 66th birthday, Grammie!
The boys helped decorate and get Grammie's party ready after a morning of swimming.  We had cake, cupcakes, and even petit fours from Chez Bazaan which was beyond awesome! After Daddy lit Grammie's candles, she blew them out like a pro.  Then Jax wanted to re-light the candles and blow them out. So we did. Then Noah wanted to light the candles and blow them out. So we did...several times! Silly boys, sure know how to appreciate the little things! Happy birthday Grammie!

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