Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dallas Aquarium

We thought it would be fun to visit the Dallas World Aquarium before meeting up with Grammie for the Perot Museum. Boy, were we wrong! I'll never be sorry I got some of the pictures I got...especially of Noah with the sharks, but folks, don't waste your money! I think it cost about $60 to get in...the lines were insane, and although it is supposed to be an indoor deal, it was burning up! My poor Michael had either Jax or Noah on his shoulders...sweating like crazy, while crowds of people (some from other countries that don't regularly bathe!) were all too close and cramped next to us! EEK!! I guess you live and learn, right? This will not be a do-over event! But seeing the wonder of Noah's eyes when he was in the shark tunnel was worth it!

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