Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jackson's Easter Party at Oak Hill Montessori

Today I celebrated with Jackson as his class had an Easter party! Jax did a GREAT job! He didn't cling to me the whole time or sob, so that was progress! Jax is not a group party kinda guy, much like his daddy.  He looked so cute in his little seer-sucker suit Mommy bought for him.  And while the rest of the kids were going ninety to nothing hunting eggs, my Jackson found a few trains in the classroom and just brought them outside and played with them on the sidewalk while everybody else scoured for eggs! It was so cute to watch! He eventually opened an egg or 2 and had more fun counting the eggs and opening them than eating any candy. Unlike me, Jax is not a chocolate lover.  Then the kiddos went inside for a little party.  Of course, he ended up coming home with is the general way it goes after I come to one of his parties! I love that I'm a part of his school and special days!
Love you Jax!

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