Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trials of Easter Pics 2011

I really, REALLY try to make a concerted effort to document our growing family. But I must say, it is getting REALLY difficult to take pictures with Noah right now. He gets all dressed up and excited to go...can tell me the rules, the rewards for behaving, etc.. and then proceeds to act like a total hellion! He flat out REFUSES to hold Jackson or take a picture with Jackson right now...even though he loves holding Jackson and playing with him at home. He screams, runs, and it is quite humiliating. We tried to take Easter pictures TWICE! Unfortunately, the 2nd go-round was not successful either. I even brought cupcakes. I figured, if he won't take a picture, maybe he'll stay still long enough in front of a cupcake. Sheer desperation. I pray it gets easier!

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